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Video by Spencer Lee
The Mirror's Game of the Week with New Roads at Brentwood needed all seven innings to decide the victor.

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New Roads' Six-Game Winning Streak Ends

Brentwood Needs Late Hit to Beat New Roads

Posted Apr. 22, 2011, 3:07 am

Spencer Lee / Videographer

Low and away is a sweet spot for some batters and the worst enemy for the rest.

New Roads' Quinn Barbini threw low and away against Evan Abraham in the bottom of the seventh, and Abraham connected.

The Brentwood Eagles had two on and one out in the bottom of the seventh of a 3-3 tie, and Adam Currier crossed the plate when the ball made it to the centerfield fence.

"That's baseball. That happens. You're going to get a few like that," said New Roads' coach Sean Brookes.

Brookes was happy with the Jaguars ability to come back in the fourth inning. Brentwood had just taken the 3-2 lead the previous inning, and Nick Rhys scored on a sacrifice throwout from Christian Vibiano to tie the game again.

"It shows something," Brookes said. "It shows something our kids got. We're resilient and bounce right back. But after that, the kid shut us down. He did a good job throwing the ball."

Brentwood's pitcher for the day? Evan Abraham. The hero of the day also got the job done on defense had a curveball the Jags couldn't hit, especially in the final three innings.

"Good high school curveball, decent fastball, he did a good job," Brookes said. "I tip my cap to him. He really shut our bats down late."

New Roads plays in the St. Paul Tournament in Playa del Ray against St. Bernard on Saturday.

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