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Cosairs Produce Weekly Football Leaders

Melvin Davis Leads Pacific Conference Touchdowns

Posted Sep. 25, 2013, 12:55 pm

Dennis Freeman / Sports Editor

The Santa Monica College football team is already flexing their muscles in the Pacific Conference this season. After three games played, the Cosairs have several players who rank among the best in the conference in individual statistics.

Running back Melvin Davis is leading the charge with five touchdowns thus far this season. Davis’ five scores have put him on top of the charts in that category. His two touchdown runs against San Bernardino put him ahead of everyone else on the scoring list.

But Davis is not the only member of the Santa Monica College football team making some noise. His partner in the Cosairs’ backfield Eric Kyle ranks third in the conference in average yards per game.Kyle is averaging 67.7 yards a game on the ground for the Cosairs.

On the other side of the ball, defensive lineman Taylor Hechonova and linebacker Daveed Carter stand out as well. Carter is proving to be almost a one-man wrecking crew, recording 9.3 tackles a game. Those numbers are good enough to put Carter at No. 3 in tackles per game.

Hechonova’s job is getting after the quarterback, which he seems to be doing quite well. Hechonova ranks fourth in the conference in sacks recorded with 2.5 plays for losses on a quarterback.     

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