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Hot Flash columnist Barbara Bishop returns to co-hosting “Santa Monica Plus” on Santa Monica City TV with Dr. Boyd Flinders next month.
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Hot Flash columnist Barbara Bishop returns to co-hosting “Santa Monica Plus” on Santa Monica City TV with Dr. Boyd Flinders next month.

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“Santa Monica Plus” Returns To Local Television In November

Posted Oct. 24, 2013, 8:02 am

Barbara Bishop / Hot Flash Columnist

Apparently sex sells. My recent Hot Flash column titled “The Power of the Blowjob” was featured on the Jay Leno Show last Monday.  There we were, my associate Dienna D’Olimpio and I on international TV.  What fun.  

Speaking of fun, Dienna and I are once again producing “Santa Monica Plus,” on Santa Monica City TV. Dr. Boyd Flinders and I are hosting the show, which focuses on things to do in Santa Monica for people over 50 years old. The show won a programming award last season, and we’re excited to begin the next season this November.

Activities that we experienced last year included lawn bowling (it takes real skill to be able to do this; I failed miserably), beach walking (my personal favorite), ballroom dancing with John Casesse (great dancer, and matched my height), Pilates (Dr. Flinders really liked the sinewy, blonde instructor), working out with awesome outdoor trainer Adriane, the plethora of resources (books, computers, classes, even a cute snack shop) available at the Santa Monica Public Library, the myriad of activities, and classes available at the Emeritis College (I even learned how to fix a lamp!).

We also visited Izzy’s, a well known dining establishment in Santa Monica, popular with the over-50 set, The Santa Monica Fire Department (not only are they cute, they are well-versed in saving lives), The Big Blue Bus (what a cool service they provide to Santa Monica!), the health benefits of the famous Farmer’s Market, and the daily nutrition served to hundreds of people per year with Meals on Wheels West. (If you think Santa Monica is all about the playground of the rich and famous, think again. These folks really need Meals on Wheels – sometimes they are the only ones who ever come to visit with them. Sad).

This year we have big plans again. We will feature a senior photography class taught by Fabian Lewkowicz (the guy is pretty darn good), Santa Monica as a cycling community (perfect for those over 50 who want to keep in shape), yoga and meditation classes (so many places to choose from in Santa Monica!), beautiful, new parks in Santa Monica, emergency preparedness with the American Red Cross, new health-oriented restaurants like Seasons 52, pet adoption through NKLA, as well as a visit with Triple AAA Santa Monica to talk about older drivers.

We’ll also explore Wise and Healthy Aging, and the many important activities they provide to those over 50 and beyond. We’ll also visit with the Santa Monica Police Department to find out the services they provide to our seniors.

It’s a great time to live and work in Santa Monica. So much going on. Please e-mail me your ideas for a segment. We’d love to hear from you! Send comments, suggestions to Thanks, Santa Monica!

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