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Santa Monica, April Fools

Santa Monica Airport Tower 
To Add Roller Coaster

April Fool's 2013!

Posted Apr. 1, 2013, 8:53 am

Staff Report

By Yuda Mann, Assembled Press

Copying the highly successful Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas, officials have struck a deal with the FAA to build a roller coaster on the control tower of Santa Monica Airport.   

The project, tentatively titled “Sky Twister,” will bring much needed revenue to the airport’s operational budget and is expected to boost interest in other nearby attractions such as the Santa Monica Museum of Flying and the Hall of Failed Inventions.

Construction will begin on “Sky Twister” as soon as minor problems involving air traffic controller visibility as the roller coaster orbits the tower are worked through.   

Ride contractor Gnarly Hazards has been enlisted to do the design, which may echo his popular “Eiffel Tower Suicide Mattress Jump.”  

“Sky Twister” is scheduled to open in conjunction with the Hall of Failed Inventions’ highly-anticipated summer show, “Agricultural Equipment That Jams Up.”

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Apr. 2, 2013, 11:25:54 am

Natalie McAdams said...

Let's not give Santa Monica any ideas even in jest!

Apr. 2, 2013, 1:33:09 pm

George Justice said...

Fools, the like that wrote the above, should find more meaningful work. Stupidity is no reasonable cause of unfunny and unhumorous hysteria. To put it in your own adolescent vernacular: Get a job, dude.

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