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Santa Monica, April Fools

Big Blue Bus To Begin Utilizing Trailers

Big Blue Trailers Coming!
Thinkstock/Mirror Media
Big Blue Trailers Coming!

April Fool's 2013!

Posted Apr. 1, 2013, 9:27 am

Staff Report

By Woz Upp/Assembled Press

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus authorities have announced that in order to deal with recent spikes in passenger numbers they will begin utilizing Big Blue Trailers, a trailer with seats pulled behind a Big Blue Bus that, despite its somewhat inexpensive design, will provide “a comfortable open-air ride for our customers.”  

Officials were adamant that early designs involving bales of hay and someone named “Cowboy Dave” playing live music had been rejected as “unworkable.”   

In a related story police arrested “Ramblin’ Minstrel of the West” Cowboy Dave for public intoxication, following what the Cowboy described as “a career setback.”

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