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Real Food Daily in Santa Monica serves up a completely meatless menu.
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Real Food Daily in Santa Monica serves up a completely meatless menu.

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Eating Raw, Live & Organic To Look Younger - But Does It Taste Any Good?

Barbara Bishop, Columnist
Santa Monica Mirror Archives
Barbara Bishop, Columnist

Posted Aug. 8, 2013, 8:07 am

Barbara Bishop / Hot Flash Columnist

A few weeks ago, I met with an interesting potential client, Adam – a chiropractor, healer, and book author. He also did not eat meat, and ate only raw and/or organic food.  

I told him I would give him some free PR counsel if he would give me a lesson in getting to know and understand the benefits of his meatless diet.  

He told me not only would I lose weight, he said that I would be more clear in my thinking, feel better, and look younger! Awesome. But does it taste good?  

We walked (yes walked, how healthy already) to a place called Real Food Daily (RFD).  

It’s quite the institution for organic, meatless, and raw foodies.  

I learned RFD’s food is balanced according to Eastern health philosophies and heart-healthy Western nutrition recommendations, and is made from fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, plant proteins, and high quality natural condiments. Interesting. But does it taste good?  

Real Food Daily serves a 100 percent plant-based menu – no meat, fish, fowl, dairy, eggs, butter, or saturated fats from animals or animal by-products.  

Tough to swallow from this meat-and-potato girl from the midwest! But, I was still “game” for the culinary adventure. But does it taste good?

We were seated in an upstairs area, and a thin, pale waiter handed us menus (I thought to myself, if he ate meat, he’d have a rounder, healthier glow to him).

I ordered the Not-Chos, with melted cashew cheese, black beans, pico de gallo, tofu sour cream, and guacamole for $11.75. It was so delicious! It tasted just like the traditional version, so exciting. Losing weight, getting a clearer head, looking younger, and feeling better never tasted so good.

Adam ordered a Pro Kale salad, curly green kale massaged in tahini ginger dressing with cucumber, avocado, dulse (aka sea lettuce flakes) and live sauerkraut (Live sauerkraut! I don’t even like dead sauerkraut – a little too over-the-top for me!). All that goodness for $13.95. I am gonna have to work up to that one.

After lunch, Adam left for a few minutes. He came back with a Real Food Daily Cookbook for me. What a nice surprise!  

I will take it home and work this into my diet. I am certain my husband will never know that the boneless roast chicken breast and green salad we had for Sunday dinner was really sea lettuce flakes and tofu!  

I will be back for the Not-Chos. Yum! Or should I say Ohm...

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Barbara Bishop is President of Santa Monica-based BBPR, Inc. For comments or suggestions, email

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