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A few simple tips will help with a smoother process from start to finish when selling your home.
A few simple tips will help with a smoother process from start to finish when selling your home.

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Tips For A Smooth Home Purchase Process

Posted Dec. 18, 2011, 12:50 am

Michael Edlen / Real Estate Consultant

Prospective buyers often ask about what actions they should take to assure a successful purchase process with the least amount of stress or pressure.

The following tips will assure a smoother process from start to finish:

• Pre-qualify for financing. It may be beneficial to talk with one or two potential sources of financing and be pre-qualified to have a solid understanding of what you may be approved for in a loan.

• Find an experienced agent you feel a good rapport with and have confidence in based upon several years of working with buyers in the area you are interested in.

• Find a home after first carefully assessing your wants and needs, and working closely with your agent to help you find the most ideal fit to your lifestyle.

• Review the market values of homes most comparable with your agent.

• Negotiate the most favorable terms and conditions for a purchase and keep track of your long-range purpose, which is to enjoy a home not just obtain an asset.

• Begin the loan application process, and provide your loan officer with all of the information requested as soon as possible.

• Perform as many inspections as are recommended to learn as much about the property condition as you can.

• Resolve any issues or serious concerns with the seller in a fair manner.

• Be sure your agent is involved in the appraisal process.

• Provide all lender-closing conditions requested by the loan underwriter.

• Schedule and do a final walk-through to approve the property condition prior to signing the loan documents.

• Arrange for all utility transfers in advance.

Once you have begun the purchase process, do not do any of the following:

• Don’t change jobs or employment status.

• Don’t make any large purchases such as a car or furniture.

• Don’t be late on credit card payments.

• Don’t run any additional credit reports.

• Don’t make any large deposits or withdrawals.

• Don’t forget any liabilities or debts in your loan application.

All escrows have the possibility of surprises and challenges, but by following these suggestions, the challenges can be minimized and thus assure a less stressful process.

Michael Edlen of Coldwell Banker has been working with buyers and sellers on the Westside for 25 years and provides confidential counseling services with no obligation. More tips and information are available on He can be reached at 310.230.7373 or

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