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Letters to the Editor

Posted Sep. 10, 2010, 8:25 am


Dear Editor,

RE: “SMRR Membership Divided Over Support” on page 2 of the Sptember 3-9, 2010 edition, Volumne XII, Issue 13 of the Santa Monica Mirror.

It's really sad that bright, energetic and extremely qualified candidates like Nimish Patel fail to garner SMRR's support. For such a "progressive" organization, their long-time support of divisive, tired and unqualified candidates further shows what a sham SMRR really has become. Ralph Mechur only sits on the School Board because he was appointed to that seat by the SMRR steering committee. Oscar de la Torre's short-comings are well known and his "endorsement" by SMRR is a smack in the face of all those parents who want to see honest government in our city. I echo Pam O'Connor's comments about change coming to Santa Monica. It's about time, too!

Brent Cohen, Santa Monica

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