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City Council Should Not Move Senior Center From Palisades Park: Letter To The Editor

Posted May. 20, 2012, 2:10 am


Dear Editor,

I appreciated the column “Miramar Expansion: Or We Could Just Say ‘No’...” by Steve Stajich on May 4. I too wonder why the priority for Santa Monica is to become a prime destination for world travelers. I wonder if you have looked into the decision to move the seniors out of the beautiful Senior Center on Palisades Park. I am not a senior, but I feel deeply ashamed of our City Council for moving them to the Ken Edwards Center. On so many early evenings I have walked by the center and seen the seniors taking a swing dancing class as the sun was setting on the ocean and felt so proud of Santa Monica for valuing our elders in such a beautiful spot. But no. Now Santa Monica wants to whisk them away and use that property for more profitable endeavors. It is really a crime. Santa Monica seems to believe new and different beats old and precious. They are using that same philosophy in wanting to get rid of Chez Jay one of the great historical restaurants of the city, preferring instead a pavilion like structure. Fifty year old Chez Jay is almost a senior in our community and therefore of no interest any longer to the Santa Monica City Council. Thank you for bringing up the idea we could just say “no.”

Karen Croner

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May. 20, 2012, 3:46:53 am

mary kay gordon said...

Re. letter by Karen Croner, Is the Santa Monica priority to be a tourist destination? How can that be since the developers, city planners, pro development city pols now hyper vigilant in getting development dollars are doing so much to change the character ( charm factor) of Santa Monica through too many massive projects, ie. Miramar Hotel and potluck architecture, ie. the new Shore Hotel beside Ivy on the Shore,like plaids and polka dots. Once our seaside charm has been sold out how many will want to come? how many who are here will be leaving?

May. 20, 2012, 5:15:42 am

Lynn said...

It is always all about money. WISE will now be able to keep the money it is given to staff the Senior Center on Ocean Avenue. No actual plans for other uses for the Center exist and whatever they might be, they would not be paid for by WISE.

May. 20, 2012, 9:52:49 pm

Bob Abernethy said...

The first two rules any investigator is taught are variations on a theme Cui Bono? (who benefits) and Follow the Money. Chez Jay's number was up the day that the Civic Center Specific plan was passed by the voters. The Senior Center is a bit more tricky. WISE already uses The Ken Edwards Center for many of its programs, so the move is more of a consolidation than anything else. besides, The Ken Edwards Center has better public transportation access than does the current location. The Miramar expansion is simply too large and too bulky for its location. It would erect a wall of development that would blot out the ocean view of an entire neighborhood. The revenue projections are skewed, and meaningless in any case. they are meaningless because the developers have announced their intention to flip the property, so they will not be around to be held accountable. Who will bear the burden, then of the massively oversized project? That's right, the good folks of Wilmont! Not only can we just say, "No", but we need to shout it from our single-story rooftops, and most specifically, at our selectively hard-of-hearing City Council!

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