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Westside Family Health Center Offers Advice To Navigate Health Insurance Changes

Posted Dec. 15, 2013, 9:50 am

Mirror Staff

Affordable, quality health insurance coverage becomes available on Jan. 1, 2014 through the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

If you have not enrolled for coverage through Covered California, California’s online health insurance marketplace, Westside Family Health Center (WFHC) is here to help you become insured. All must enroll and be covered by health insurance in 2014 or face a tax penalty.

In order to avoid the penalty for not having health insurance in 2014, one must enroll before Feb. 15, 2014. In order to have coverage start Jan. 1, 2014, community members must enroll by Dec. 23, 2013. All must have health insurance unless you are excluded from the law due to documentation status or a special exemption.

“With nine Certified Enrollment Counselors, and more becoming certified soon, Westside Family Health Center is excited to be a part of this incredible, historic effort,’’ said Debra A. Farmer, WFHC’s President/Chief Executive Officer. “Our Certified Enrollment Counselors can help you figure out which type of insurance coverage you qualify for and will explain the basics of health insurance and consumer rights and responsibilities under ACA. Our health center enrollment staff is not only highly trained, but they represent the community. We understand you, and treat you with respect.’’

WFHC is a Certified Enrollment Entity for Covered California health insurance plans. WFHC Enrollment Counselors provide free enrollment assistance to consumers shopping for health coverage using the online application at

To make an appointment for enrollment help or for more information, contact Ben Tolksdorf at or call 310.450.2191, ext. 206.

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Dec. 15, 2013, 6:30:39 pm

clem Kiddlehopper said...

You can't mess with one-sixth of the economy and expect to get away with it without major unintended consequences. Never mind the cost of the premiums, which for the lower income people are subsidized. The real killer will be the higher deductibles, which will be just as high and unsubsidized for lower income people unless they fall into Medicaid. As it turns out the higher deductibles are part of the strategy to bend the cost curve by having consumers of health services pay for them and learn to consume them more responsibly. It seems then that in the design of ObamaCare the economics are going to trump Obama's own personal social objectives of helping the poor. Other than having eased the eligibility for Medicaid, I don't see that the more needy are going to be helped. They may get a premium subsidy but they won't have the money for the deductibles. That's what happens when you have so many cooks or legislators in the kitchen. In the end you get a Rube Goldberg monstrosity.

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