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News, Santa Monica

Westside Family Health Center Names Two New Board Members

Posted Jul. 6, 2013, 10:00 am

Mirror Staff

Westside Family Health Center has named Teresa Angeles and Scott Ramer as new members to its Board of Directors, bringing the governing board's total to 10 members.

Peter J. Mackler, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said he was pleased to have the pair join the board.

"They each bring experience and commitment to health care and to our community,” Mackler said. “They expand our Board's depth and knowledge and will serve as excellent governors and ambassadors.''

Teresa Angeles

For Teresa Angeles, Westside Family Health Center is a family affair. She first came to WFHC when she was pregnant with her son, Jonathan. They both continue to receive healthcare from WFHC – as does her mother, sister, and niece.

“WFHC has kept my family very healthy and helped us with a lot of support and information,” she said.

She credits WFHC with saving her life and that of her son after tests showed that a health issue affecting both her late father (also a WFHC patient) and her grandfather also affects herself and her son. With WFHC’s help, she and her son are getting healthier.

Teresa is very involved with fundraising in her Oaxacan community and is expanding her philanthropy to help WFHC as they have helped her family, her neighbors and her people.

“A lot of Oaxacan people in my community come to the clinic for services and they would be happy to help,” she said. “My family would be so happy to help the clinic.”

Recently, she took part in a “Nonprofit Profiles” taping and let people know how important WFHC is to her and others.

Scott Ramer

Scott Ramer first came to Westside Family Health Center as a guest at WFHC's March 2013 board meeting. He is a manager with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in their Health Industries Advisory Group. He works mainly with large systems which include hospitals and physician groups.

He is very tuned in to revenue cycles, market strategies, healthcare trends and Accountable Care Organizations, the cornerstone of healthcare reform.

Currently, Ramer is working on a Masters of Health Administration degree at the University of Southern California and has a B.S. in Business Administration from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

"I believe the opportunity to volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors for Westside Family Health Center will allow me to contribute my experiences, knowledge, and leadership skill sets toward achieving the objectives and goals of the organization,'' he said. "This opportunity allows me to have a chance to serve the community in which I live by giving back...Westside Family Health Center, as a nonprofit organization, provides an immense value and contribution to our community through the quality of the care they provide to tens of thousands of individuals year after year. After witnessing the value and contribution to my surrounding community, it would be a privilege to volunteer within Westside Family Health Center and provide my contributions and perspectives for enhancing its value to our community.”

Westside Family Health Center, founded in 1974, is a non-profit community health center providing a wide range of low-cost health care services.

WFHC serves more than 9,500 low-income and uninsured women, men and children, regardless of one’s ability to pay. To learn more about WFHC, visit

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