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Uber Drivers To Host Demonstration In Santa Monica Today

Posted Jun. 24, 2014, 10:06 am

Mirror Staff

Uber drivers, frustrated with a general lack of communication, arbitrary treatment, and unfair business practices, will host a demonstration today at Uber Technology Inc. offices at 1437 Seventh Street in Santa Monica.

In an effort to have their voices heard, drivers have reached out to Teamsters Local 986 for guidance and support in forming an association for app-based commercial drivers, including all drivers who utilize the Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar technology platforms.

"We are pleased to assist in what we believe will be a strong movement," said Ron Seamans Jr., business agent at Teamsters Local 986. "Although we are only in the initial stages of organization, we will have a presence at the upcoming demonstration."

Uber Technology recently advised its Uber Black and Uber SUV drivers that vehicle models under 2010 would be pulled from the platform, while only giving the drivers two weeks to purchase newer vehicles.

Uber Technologies offered to let the older cars and SUVs function under the less-expensive UberX platform, but Uber drivers are concerned that the fuel-to-fare ratio makes such an option economically unfeasible.

Drivers are frustrated that other Uber markets have given their drivers months to plan for the transition, not just two weeks.

Uber drivers also are attempting to raise awareness in support of legislation being considered in the California Legislature. AB 2293 would require transportation network companies, including UBER, Lyft and Sidecar, to purchase insurance for those vehicles from the moment the driver application is activated, continuing until it is turned off.

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Jun. 24, 2014, 2:23:31 pm

Kim said...

Unregulated taxis.

Jun. 24, 2014, 3:48:59 pm

Auntie Uber Juan said...

Uber and Lyft are a predatory business practice that the California Public Utilities Commission had absolutely no business issuing a conditional permit to to begin with. 1st because the CPUC does not regulate taxi's. 2nd. Becuase both Uber and Lyft drivers are operating on personal insurance which expressly forbids commercial for hire livery in the terms conditions and exclusions of every personal insurance policy.. * review your own policy and see 3rd. Both Uber and Lyft have defied the conditions of the conditional permit to do business at the 5 major airports in California which is expressly forbideen in the language opf the conditional CPUC permits. 4 th. Uber and :Lyft are NOT ADA compliant when it somes to servicing the disabled community in whom they service and hire,. In no less than 14 states insurrance commissioners examples these states have issued consumer advisories warning consumers that both Uber and lyfts claims of insurance leave significant gaps of insurance coverage. Uber and Lyft have been sued in federal court for racketeering, R.I.C.O. allegations,, calling Uber and lkyft parasites. Drivers have brought a class action for wages, tips, and other citations. Lyft asserts the fee for service is a donation. Poppycock,, balderdash, hogwash and out right lies! If you will now indulge me the favor of googling 'lyft changes pricing from donation' you will discover they did a press release months ago announcing they were doing away with the donation concept. Uber has something that they call surge (price gouging) pricing which they use to jack the consumer for many more times the costs due to peak demand. In san Diego this past Valentiines Day that demand was caused when Uber intentionall held driver s back from service in order to trigger a computer generated surge pricing scheme! Google that one as well please? But think of it as gas stations food stores and pharmacies are prohibited from gouging during emergencies, Uber exempts itself from the same laws? Uber and lyft are predatory business practices funded by venture capiltalists from the silicon valley whose only goal is undridled greed at the cost of jobs and livliehoods of those who #playbytherules. Dont be fooled by Uber and Lyft Santa Monica.

Jun. 24, 2014, 4:19:29 pm

Maury said...

Dind't an uber driver get in trouble for having sex in hotel with a drunk passenger recently? What happens the 1st time they have a major car accident with their non-commercial drivers in a private vehicle? The lawyers will have fun with all that litigation.

Jun. 24, 2014, 8:52:12 pm

Auntie Uber Juan said...

Maury, there was the tragic incident in San Francisco on this past New Years where an Uber driver ran over a family in a cross walk and killed a 6 year old girl as her brother and mother went to the hospital with very serious injuries. Now, let me say, that when Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick had the opportunity to be a stand up corporate personhood, he took the low road and just became a hood, as Uber absolutely refused to accept any liability for the actions of the errrant driver whoi had the app on while he was at the wheel trolling for his next ehail. We have all heard about teens texting and driving, why even the Sec O Transportation Mr LaHood has said distracted driving is an epidemic. yet we have seen pictures in the news of Uber Lyft and Sidecar drivers with 3 i-pads on the dash board as they try to scoop up rides for money while you and me are required by law to place out GPS where the law dictates. But hey? This is Uber and Lyft as well as Sidecar we are talkning about and they have exempted themselves from the same laws as every one else must abide by. So, yes Maury, injury and deayh have alreday happened and the city of San Francisco paid out $500-K to the family, mwaning the tax payers, as Uber continues to deny liability. Thats who the silicon valley venture capitalists are, thats what they are all about, stay tuned more to follow.

Jun. 25, 2014, 9:09:03 pm

X uberx driver said...

To all uber drivers. Uber is a joke. One day you will wake up and your uber meter(iphone) is shut down for any reason. It doesn't matter how good or how long you been with them. They think they above the LAW

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