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Artist-designed bicycle rack by Jody Zellen.
Courtesy Photo
Artist-designed bicycle rack by Jody Zellen.

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Two Artist Designed Bicycle Racks Installed In Santa Monica

Artist-designed bicycle rack by Kori Newkirk and Roger Sherman.
Courtesy Photo
Artist-designed bicycle rack by Kori Newkirk and Roger Sherman.

Posted May. 8, 2014, 8:08 am

Mirror Staff

If you have seen the bright green “trees” on the corner of Ocean Park Boulevard and 2nd Street and wondered what they are, they are one of two sets of new artist-designed bicycle racks that have been installed as a part of the public art element of the Ocean Park Boulevard “Complete Greenstreet” Project.

The bright green “tree” bicycle racks were designed by renowned Santa Monica artist Jody Zellen ( and are installed on the southeast corner of Ocean Park and 2nd Street.

The second set of bike racks – the periwinkle blue, circular racks, in which some see an abstracted form of a bicycle – were designed by the team of Los Angeles-based artist Kori Newkirk, whose work has been widely exhibited including the Whitney Biennale, and Architect Roger Sherman, Roger Sherman Architecture & Urban Design (

They are installed adjacent to the Ocean Park Branch Library on 2nd Street at the southwest corner of Ocean Park Blvd. and on Main Street at Norman Place.

Both sets of bike racks will serve the western end of Ocean Park Blvd. and the Ocean Park Branch Library – busy with the Sunday Farmer’s Market and patrons biking to the library and businesses nearby.

In keeping with the aim of the “Complete Green Street” project to enhance the pedestrian and bike experience along Ocean Park Boulevard, artist designed bicycle racks were incorporated into the project improvements.  

These two are part of a group of designs developed through a Request for Proposals process, with three additional options available to be fabricated and installed for future city projects.

This is the first such venture by the City’s Cultural Affairs Division to work with artists to create functional and aesthetically-thoughtful street furniture for the community and visitors alike to use and enjoy.

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Jun. 5, 2014, 9:30:44 am

Finndian said...

No one noticed but me that the blue one has a slide on it perfect for skateboarders to do tricks? That bar was ground down to bare metal in less than a week!

Jul. 24, 2014, 4:04:58 pm

Rosemary Zera said...

It is odd that you have shown a bike locked up on the 'tree' rack as I have not seen bikes locked on either the 'tree' or 'circle' structures. I don't think people know what they are. I had to call city hall to ask what they were. They both look as if the paint would chip if a bike lock were used on them. That said, they remain empty.

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