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Shore Hotel Receives Leed Gold Certification

Posted Apr. 4, 2012, 3:28 am

Mirror Staff

Shore Hotel has been awarded LEED Gold certification under the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) making it the only hotel in Santa Monica to have received this certification.

LEED is USGBC’s rating system for designing, constructing and maintaining the world’s greenest, most energy efficient and high performing buildings.

“Shore Hotel is honored to receive LEED Gold certification,” says Steve Farzam, Chief Operations Officer of Shore Hotel. “We support ongoing efforts to be responsible and sustainable in every area of our business and through this achievement, we have demonstrated our commitment and dedication to environmental stewardship.”

To achieve LEED Gold certification, Shore Hotel has implemented a variety of energy and resource conserving initiatives.

Highlights include:

• 50 percent of all construction waste materials including metals, concrete, stucco, terrazzo, wood, and carpet were recycled

• 10 percent of the building materials were local to the Southern California region and came from within the surrounding 500 miles

• Shore Hotel was the first new build hotel to implement the Southern California Edison Auto Demand Response system which automatically conserves energy during a high demand period

• Shore Hotel’s carbon footprint is 43 percent less than that of the average hotel Shore Hotel’s Green Concierge Program is the hotel’s own local expert on all things sustainable and eco-friendly in Santa Monica.

The Green Concierge supports Shore Hotel’s eco-friendly community by providing personal recommendations and in-depth knowledge of green and sustainable activities, services, and events in Santa Monica.

Shore Hotel’s green concierge works with guests to identify hybrid taxi companies, organic restaurants, fair-trade coffee shops, community enhancing yoga studios and holistic, natural spas.

Shore Hotel also boasts a Green Clean Program, to save energy and resources while encouraging guests to be more eco-conscious during their stay at Shore Hotel.

For every night a guest decides to forgo having their room serviced, they will receive a $10 credit toward their stay or toward amenities such as surfboard and bike rentals.

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