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Santa Monica Temporary Lane Closure Locations Through August 10

Posted Aug. 6, 2012, 2:30 am

Mirror Staff

In this week's temporary lane closure alert for Santa Monica, motorists are warned that delays are possible during daytime hours today through Friday, August. 10 in the following locations:

• 26th St between Michigan Ave and Olympic Blvd.

• Stewart St between Olympic Blvd and Exposition Blvd.

• 2nd Court between Broadway and Santa Monica Blvd.

• Ocean Park Blvd between Barnard Way and Lincoln Blvd.

• 20th St between I-10 and Pico Blvd.

• Cloverfield Blvd between I-10 and Pico Blvd.

• Colorado Ave between Lincoln Blvd and 14th St.

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