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The Santa Monica Post Office at 1248 5th Street will be relocated to a location less than a mile away.
Photo by Jessie Geoffray
The Santa Monica Post Office at 1248 5th Street will be relocated to a location less than a mile away.

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Santa Monica Post Office Relocation Approved: USPS

Posted Aug. 17, 2012, 4:18 am

Mirror Staff

The relocation of the Santa Monica Post Office at 1248 5th St. to a new facility 0.7 miles away was approved Friday, says the U.S. Postal Service (USPS).

The new facility will be housed at the Santa Monica Carrier Annex at 1653 7th St.

A date for the relocation has not yet been determined.

As part of the move, the new facility will feature retail lobby service, Post Office Box delivery, and Bulk Business Mail acceptance.

There will be no change in Post Office Box numbers or ZIP Code.

USPS plans to sell the building at 1248 5th St. after operations are relocated Postal Service representatives held a community meeting in Santa Monica on July 19, and a written public comment period was open from June 26 through August 3, to gather public comments.

The relocation proposal and all public input received were then forwarded to USPS Headquarters in Washington, D.C., where the final decision was made.

The Santa Monica Post Office relocation and building sale is part of a nationwide response by USPS to right-size its vast network, reduce costs and operate more efficiently in the face of dramatic decreases in mail volume and revenue, and other economic factors. Total mail volume has dropped 20 percent in the past three years.

This decision may be appealed within 15 days to:

Vice President, Facilities

Pacific Facilities Service Office

1300 Evans Ave. Ste. 200

San Francisco CA 94188-0200

The Postal Service does not receive tax dollars to fund its operations and facilities.

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Aug. 19, 2012, 9:36:10 am

goodkid1 said...

A change of location is not really important. What is important is the unacceptable level of service when it comes to package delivery to residences. I have not had one package in 2 years (more than a dozen) go successfully. I don't know the rules involving the use the employees names so I will forgo, but they are always the people at the present facility. I am bringing Rep Waxman and the direct supervisors into it starting next week. S.M. residents pay way too many fed taxes to have the only direct contact most of us ever have with the Feds to such a miserable experience. Stay tuned for a way to contact me in the near future if you wish to take part in overdue change at the S.M. USPS package facility.

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