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Santa Monica Police Arrest 50-year-old Parolee At Large In Alley Eight

Alert Police Blotter: No Sweat.

Posted Oct. 8, 2012, 2:12 am

Tim Broughton / Mirror Contributor

Santa Monica police arrested a 50-year-old parolee at large after the man caught their attention on Thursday, Sept. 27 in the 2500 block of Alley Eight.

At 8 p.m. officers of the Santa Monica Police Department were on a routine patrol in the alley when they caught sight of a man walking in the alley.

The officers drove up to this man and in doing so noticed that he was sweating profusely, even though it was a cool evening.

The officers, their suspicions aroused, spoke to this man and he told them that he was walking to Hollywood.

The officers, due to the fact that this was a man sweating on a cool night who was also acting suspiciously in an alley, plus the fact that there had been a number of burglaries in that area, asked this man if he possessed anything illegal, to which he responded in the negative, and continued to tell the officers that they could search him if they wanted.

The officers did want to search him and as they began to search this man he suddenly became tense and broke free.

The man then turned towards the officers and adopted a fighting style of stance. The officers immediately reacted and within seconds this man was down on the ground.

The offices struggled with this man for a few seconds and then took him into custody.

The man complained to the officers about having some pain in his right side so on the way to jail they stopped at a local hospital where a doctor cleared the man for booking.

When the officers arrived at the jail they discovered that the name this man had initially given to them was false, and also that he was a wanted parolee.

This man, who refused to provide the officers with an address, was charged with resisting officers, providing false information, and being a parolee at large.

Bail was not granted.

Editor's Note: These reports are part of a regular police coverage series entitled "Alert Police Blotter" (APB), which injects some minor editorial into certain police activities in Santa Monica. Not all of the Mirror's coverage of incidents involving police are portrayed in this manner. More serious crimes and police-related activities are regularly reported without editorial in the pages of the Santa Monica Mirror and its website,

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