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Santa Monica Nativity Scenes To Host Opening Ceremony Sunday At Palisades Park

The 60th anniversary display of the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes will start Sunday, Dec. 15.
Courtesy Photo
The 60th anniversary display of the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes will start Sunday, Dec. 15.

Posted Dec. 14, 2013, 8:22 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

As Christmas draws closer, the 60th anniversary display of the Santa Monica Nativity Scenes will open this Sunday, Dec. 15.

The 13 life-size scenes depicting events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ will be located at Mount Olive Lutheran Church through Thursday, Jan. 2.

The display will start along Maple Street one block north of Ocean Park Boulevard west of 14th Street; it will end along 14th Street.

To alleviate concerns of some neighbors of the scenes about traffic and noise, organizers suggest parking in the church lot off 14th Street and then walking through the parking lot to Maple Street, where the scenes will start at the west end of the church property. They will continue down Maple and then around the corner on 14th Street.

Organizers say anyone who drives past the scenes, to drive carefully through the neighborhood.

Organizers said the Nativity Scenes Committee is deeply grateful to the people of Mount Olive Lutheran church for providing a home for the Nativity Scenes for this milestone display.

Opening Ceremony at Palisades Park

Although the Scenes will be displayed at Mount Olive Lutheran Church, the opening ceremony will take place in Palisades Park, longtime home of the Scenes. It will start at 3 pm Sunday, Dec. 15, along Ocean Avenue at a location between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards.

Along with Christmas music from area choral groups and group singing of Christmas carols, the ceremony will feature the unfurling of a large new scriptural banner telling the story of Christmas. The banner will be displayed periodically during the Christmas season at Palisades Park.


Organizers are accepting donations to meet expenses of putting up and taking down the scenes and for storage, insurance, and advertising. Donations may be made online at our website,

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Dec. 14, 2013, 11:30:38 am

What would Jeebus do? said...

Worshiping plastic Jeebus is idolatry in the eyes of the Lord. The real Jeebus would rather you accept donations to help the many poor and needy. But then again living in your mansions in the palisades also goes against the teachings of your God. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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