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Santa Monica Mobile App Hackathon: Who Came Out On Top

Posted Feb. 17, 2013, 8:51 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

The AT&T Developer Program held at ROC (604 Arizona) in Santa Monica Feb. 8-9 welcomed more than 120 attendees who hit the ground running and with assistance from various representatives from Pearson, Layer7, and GameDesk who have coded a total of 12 plus mobile apps.

There were impressive apps created, but at the top of the list was PerlTube, which was a full video platform built using Perl, node.js and Twitter Bootstrap. Another resource created at the event was Bongo, which was a private feed similar to Twitter where a class could interact and ask questions.

The big winners of the night included Parigraf, who won 1st place for Best Education app and Geo Explorer pulled down not just 2nd place for Best Education app, but also Best App using AT&T API.

List of winners:

• 1st Place Best Education App Parigraf

Parigraf - Parigraf is an eReader application aimed to improve reading comprehension and teacher-student communication in the classroom. Using the Pearson Penguin API , they created a system that allows teachers to create interactive reading assignments. While students read the material, they are able to highlight information that they either find confusing, evocative, or relevant to class discussion. The teachers then receive a report of their class’s feedback and are then able to more effectively direct discussions of the material.

• 2nd Place Best Education App Geo Explorer

Geo Explorer - Play games and learn about the world.

• 3rd Place Best Education App Class Drive

Class Drive - Classroom content sharing, archiving and discussion platform, accessible via web, phone, sms

• Honorable Mention Creative Space

Creative Space - An art app that gives aspiring artists a place to learn, and a place to share their art in a place they feel comfortable.

• 1st Place A&T APIs Geo Explorer

• 1st Place Pearson APIs Lit Remix

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