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Santa Monica Election 2012 Final Result: Winterer, O'Day, G. Davis, Vazquez Elected

Ted Winterer, Plannning Commissioner
Courtesy photo
Ted Winterer, Plannning Commissioner
Terry O’Day, Councilmember
Courtesy photo
Terry O’Day, Councilmember
Gleam Olivia Davis, Councilmember
Courtesy image
Gleam Olivia Davis, Councilmember
Tony Vazquez, Local Business Owner
Courtesy photo
Tony Vazquez, Local Business Owner

Posted Nov. 6, 2012, 10:36 pm

Brenton Garen / Editor-in-Chief

Santa Monica voters re-elected City councilmembers Terry O'Day and Gleam Davis on Tuesday, along with Planning Commissioner Ted Winterer and former councilman Tony Vazquez.

According to results posted on the LA County Registrar's Office, Winterer led the pack after all 54 voting precincts and absentee ballots were counted. He collected 13,585 votes (15.1 percent).

It was a sweet victory for Winterer, who missed out winning a seat in 2010 by just 56 votes.

The incumbents placed second and third: O'Day with 13,057 votes (14.5 percent) and Davis with 11,605 votes (12.9 percent).

The fourth and final spot was secured by Tony Vazquez with 9,129 votes (10.1 percent). Vazquez served on the council from 1990 to 1994.

There were 60,909 registered voters in Santa Monica this election. There were 18,988 absentee ballots counted Tuesday, which represented about a third of all local voters.

Richard Bloom and Bobby Shriver were the other two incumbents who chose not to seek re-election.

Bloom is currently in a close battle for the 50th Assembly District seat against Betsy Butler. With all 299 of precincts in this district counted, Bloom leads 50.1 percent (69,280 votes) to 49.9 percent (69,062 votes). Shriver simply chose not to seek City Council re-election.

As of 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, here are the final results as reported on the LA County Registrar's Office website.

1) Ted Winterer: 13,586 (15.1 percent)

2) Terry O'Day: 13,057 votes (14.5 percent)

3) Gleam Olivia Davis: 11,605 votes (12.9 percent)

4) Tony Vazquez: 9,129 votes (10.1 percent)

5) Shari Davis: 8,091 votes (9 percent)

6) Richard McKinnon: 5,984 votes (6.6 percent)

7) John Cyrus Smith: 4,818 votes (5.3 percent)

8) Frank Gruber: 4,619 votes (5.1 percent)

9) Jonathan Mann: 3,783 votes (4.2 percent)

10) Bob Seldon: 3,184 votes (3.5 percent)

11) Armen Melikonians: 2,886 votes (3.2 percent)

12) Terence Later: 2,829 votes (3.1 percent)

13) Jerry Rubin: 2,313 votes (2.5 percent)

14) Robert Gomez: 2,147 votes (2.3 percent)

15) Steve Duron: 1,829 votes (2 percent)

Read Friday's edition of The Mirror to hear from each of the winning candidates.

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Nov. 6, 2012, 11:59:23 pm

Lynn White said...

Talk about low information voters and big business prevailing! Adding Ted Winterer to the rest of these crooks is a sad day indeed. The real estate developers must be rejoicing that their PAC money was well spent. We can now look forward to more high rise condos, congestion and traffic and they'll probably arbitrarily try to close the airport. That'll be great when one of these tremors lately becomes a real earthquake and we need assistance.

Nov. 7, 2012, 12:57:37 am

Alex said...

Looks like we will getting more of the same. SMRR still has a stranglehold on this city. Now that they've banned smoking, what's next taking away our alcohol and fattening foods? We'll never be able to leave our homes due to all the traffic anyway.

Nov. 7, 2012, 1:21:20 am

Ron Di Costanzo said...

Lynn White writes: "Talk about low information voters and big business prevailing!" But she is too kind. Santa Monicans like to think they are thoughtful, but when it comes to voting they are as lazy as the members of the Confederacy, voting for the same creatures cycle after cycle. Yes - re-start the cranes and say goodbye to the last patch of unbuilt on dirt that remains. Just look at from whom Davis and O'Day got their dough. Glossy brochures victorious again!

Nov. 7, 2012, 2:55:27 pm

Sue Evans of Santa Monica said...

I got 4 pieces of Winterer's propaganda in the mail and another 2 flyers left on my doorstep. I realize his real estate buddies may have funded it without him but what a terrible waste of paper and certainly not environmentally responsible in the slightest. I just remember thinking that anyone who needs this much junk mail to get his name out must be a real nincompoop!

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