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Santa Monica Doesn’t Need Monster Luxury High Rises: Letter To The Editor

Posted Jun. 2, 2013, 9:23 am

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

We are asked to "give" public input to the Monster Miramar project for the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), before June 3, 2013.

Note that there is no approved plan, project detail, negotiation details between the City and the developers. We do not know what happened behind closed doors, and what was promised and to whom, which we as city residents have EVERY right to know.

Yet, we are asked to give them the "go ahead" to do an EIR.

Who does the EIR? You guessed it: the developers! You think they will find anything wrong with this totally inappropriate project?

Athen Group is listed as the Miramar group's principal advisor. They have developed Montage properties. Montage style is totally wrong for an urban area, especially for a small city like Santa Monica, which is at land's end.

Every single one of Montage's hotels/properties is a huge, enormous, massive development with a lot of empty space around them. Montage Properties at Deer Valley, Utah; Laguna Beach, CA; or Kona, HI,; and Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay, CA are all located in open space, not in an urban, fragile residential space.

Their (Athen’s) LEEDS certification means nothing for the gridlock, air pollution, resource hoarding, and unbelievable damage to our lives during a massive building project, at a crucial traffic artery and junction.

Miramar's location is not suitable for such a massive development. Its location and geological placement are totally different from all the other "sensitive coastal areas" where there is ample open space, and none of those properties sits on a fragile bluff!

We have lost a considerable amount of bluff over the years, and heavy construction and massive development will put not only the bluffs, but all neighboring residents and properties at risk.

Are the City Manager, Planning Department, and City Council willing to take this gamble? If so, I hope they are ready to pay the consequences.

Instead, they should put an immediate freeze on all DAs, stop behind-the-door negotiations that are not open to public but obligate the residents. They should put a freeze on hiring, especially non-residents of the City. I am tired of working and paying for their retirement and benefits, while they are destroying the City!


Julia Mangir

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Jun. 2, 2013, 10:33:41 am

Terri said...

I totally agree with ms. Mangir. Why should we Santa Monica residents/taxpayers constantly have to ante up to pay for these ridiculous and totally unnecessary developments? None of us benefit from them; instead we are inconvenienced with more gridlock and continual assaults on our quality of life. Stop the development! Santa Monica for Santa Monicans!

Jun. 2, 2013, 10:38:12 am

L. McCann said...

Julia Mangir, Thank you for writing this letter and sharing it with the public. Your knowledge has given me knowledge as to what is happening in the city of Santa Monica. Please know that your insight is valued and needed. Have you ever thought of a working as a community organizer? Sincerely, L. McCann

Jun. 2, 2013, 1:18:25 pm

Sue McHugh said...

Well written and absolutely accurate. The Miramar monstrosity has to be stopped. There's much too much development on Ocean Avenue.

Jun. 2, 2013, 2:05:22 pm

D'Lynn Waldron said...

Our infrastructure, including roads, water, electricity, and sewage disposal are already over-burdened, This community-ruining massive development by profiteers is turning us into a 'third world' town of the very rich in their high rises and the rest of us, with neither they nor the rest of us having a sufficient infrastructure. We prevented the demolition of our Pier forty years ago and we can stop this obscene profiteering that will ruin OUR community.

Jun. 2, 2013, 5:10:22 pm

Robert (Bob) Smith said...

The extra "Infrastructure" required by such a large development cannot be born by the Santa Monica and Area Residents and Small Business. These people and businesses are in the firing line to find $40m over the next 2 to 3yrs for increased costs as is. If such a Structure must pay higher Parking Fees for starters, and must provide them on-site, not using existing parking facilities. They should be made to commit Bus Pick-up

Jun. 2, 2013, 11:23:50 pm

R Kay said...

Well, what are we going to do to stop it? Indifference is implicit agreement, and this tide will only be turned if enough pressure is applied. Money talks, but enough voices can sometimes be louder.

Jun. 3, 2013, 10:15:11 am



Jun. 3, 2013, 1:36:43 pm

Erik said...

The city council is filled with ass clowns, paper pushers and over-priveledged idiots who are SOOO far removed from the wants and needs of the actual residents they would happily sign anything so as long as it proposes to make money for the city.

Jun. 3, 2013, 5:39:06 pm

Craig Safan said...

I believe Santa Monica has no real need of new large towers. Let's try our best to keep what makes this city so great and livable... Overdevelopment is the wrong direction for us.

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