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Santa Monica A Dangerous City?

Posted Apr. 18, 2014, 7:32 am

Parimal M. Rohit / Staff Writer

Real estate blog Movoto has released a list of what it considers the 50 most dangerous places in the United States. While no California cities made the list of top 10, Santa Monica was one of four municipalities in the state that ranked 11 through 25.

Santa Monica was ranked as the 24th most dangerous suburb in the United States, according to the Movoto list.

A content editor with Movoto who authored the blog post based his findings on the number of crimes per 100,000 people within four distinct categories for each city. Those categories were murder, violent crimes, property crimes, and total crimes. He analyzed 120 suburbs across the country.

Data for murder, violent crime, and total crimes were each weighted for 30 percent of a city’s total score. The other 10 percent accounted for total crimes. After the average of the weighted scores were determined, the author – Randy Nelson – ranked each city from most dangerous to not as dangerous.

According to Nelson’s published rankings, Santa Monica, with a population of 91,215, crime rates per 100,000 residents were two for murder, 433 for violent crimes, 3,725 for property crimes, and 4,158 for total crimes.

Residents in Santa Monica have a 1 in 45,607 chance of being murdered and a 1 in 225 chance of experiencing a violent crime, according to the rankings. The chance of experiencing any crime in Santa Monica is 1 in 24.

Compare that to Camden, New Jersey – which ranked the second most dangerous suburb in the United States – where the chance of a resident being murdered is 1 in 1,159 and the chance of experiencing a violent crime is 1 in 39. The overall chance of being a victim of crime in Camden was 1 in 13, according to the Movoto list.

Other Southern California suburbs on the list included Signal Hill (ranked 13), Inglewood (18), Oceanside (33), Escondido (35), and Lomita (44). Two Northern California suburbs also made the list, including Berkeley (15) and Roseville (48).

Ranking at the top of the list as the most dangerous suburb in the United States was East Point, Ga., which is just outside Atlanta. East Point residents have a 1 in 8 chance to experience any crime and a 1 in 2,930 chance to be the victim of a murder.

Interestingly enough, the chance of crime in Santa Monica (1 in 24) was ranked higher than Inglewood (1 in 32) and Lomita (1 in 42), but lower than the Long Beach suburb of Signal Hill (1 in 19).

For the complete blog post, list of suburbs, and explanation of methodology, visit

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Apr. 18, 2014, 10:09:58 am

Paul Larson said...

Yes, because the city council and mayor are hell bent on building Santa Monica into a replica of Dubai, you're going to get all of the crime and troubles of a dense, urban center. We've already got a huge assortment of homeless that we do nothing about (except count them like birds). They're not all violent but there is definitely a criminal element with the addicts and mentally ill. So this is the direction we're going. Bigger and more dense. Get used to more crime too.

Apr. 18, 2014, 5:07:46 pm

ted said...

I wish to echo the first comment. When you pick up the S.M. Press or Mirror and they list crimes, it seems like 99% are by transients and of those 95% on fellow hoboes. I wouldn't be surprised if you took our those "crimes" the story would be different. Frankly I think it's laughable. I've lived in Santa Monica since 1969 and have NEVER felt unsafe. Other places I've been, I can't say that about.

Apr. 18, 2014, 5:40:43 pm

Alex said...

This is a highly misleading article. The Movoto "study" only looked at 120 suburbs across the country, and Santa Monica ranked 24th among those, NOT 24th among all of the thousands of suburbs across the country.

Apr. 18, 2014, 10:55:27 pm said...

Really? Just moved here from the SFV. No drug crazed gang bangin; drug dealin' neighbors. I'm heaven! This report sounds flawed.

Apr. 21, 2014, 9:23:25 am

H. Coleman said...

Someone's stats are incorrect. Please go back and recalculate. Please also give us the corrected data after your recalculation. Thank you.

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