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Pacific Park has  hosted more than 5,500 birthday since January 1996.
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Pacific Park has hosted more than 5,500 birthday since January 1996.

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Pacific Park Passes 5500 Birthday Parties On The Santa Monica Pier

Posted Aug. 2, 2012, 1:25 am

Mirror Staff

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier has now hosted more than 5,500 birthday parties at the two-acre amusement park since January 1996.

Among the several thousand party-goer organizers is Jolene Perry who recently brought her daughter Jewel, 7, all the way from Rancho Santa Fe to celebrate her birthday at Pacific Park along with 14 kids.

Perry said the best part of the experience for the children was definitely the rides.

“This was Jewel’s first and only choice. We came specifically to Pacific Park for her birthday party. It was terrific to have all the kids on the rides together,” Perry said. “The cabana was an excellent location for the party and a central location for the kids to meet throughout the day. Pacific Park’s staff was terrific, the service was great and the birthday party exceeded all expectations.”

Pacific Park offers families the perfect ocean view birthday party location for children along with its 12 amusement park rides, 18 midway games and variety of attractions.

“Pacific Park is all about family fun and what better way for kids to enjoy their birthday than having a great time on the amusement park rides and playing the midway games,” says Jeff Klocke, Vice President of Marketing and Administration at PacificPark on the Santa Monica Pier. “Parents can also join in the fun by riding the family-share rides with the kids or simply watching them have fun while relaxing in the seaside party cabana.”

For additional information and hours of operation, call 310.260.8744 or visit

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