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Lincoln Middle School Celebrates Completion Of Modernization Project

Posted Feb. 12, 2012, 1:44 am

Mirror Staff

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at Lincoln Middle School on Feb. 1 to memorialize the completion of its $1.775 million modernization project that began in April 2011 and was completed during Winter break 2011.

This event included a detailed tour through the newly renovated classrooms and science labs and brief speeches by School District Board President, Ben Allen and Measure BB Advisory Committee Member, Craig Hamilton. Site and District staff also attended to help celebrate the event, including School Principal, Suzanne Webb and Director of the Facility Improvements Office, Stuart A. Sam. Various team members who have made the project possible, including the architect and contractor, were also in attendance.

This event, which was the first ribbon cutting ceremony in the Measure BB program, was open to the public. The event provided both students and the community an opportunity to gain insight into the construction process and how the project was completed.

The modernization at Lincoln Middle School included renovating the former library and rooms 218, 220 and 222 into four new classrooms, two science labs and a shared prep room. The new classrooms and science labs received new furniture and updated technology that meets the District’s current technology standards. As part of the modernization, the fire alarm system upgraded has begun.

The science labs received new amenities, including an eye wash station, sinks, energy efficient lighting, a fume hood, sustainable countertops, flooring, and a dishwasher for cleaning beakers. The classrooms are naturally lit due to increased window installation and original skylights that have been uncovered.

“We are eager to celebrate this event and move forward with the next project, a new, two-story library and classrooms building, which will also include a new chorus room and science labs,” Sam said. “The new project will continue to offer our students the tools they need to succeed in high school and beyond.”

Construction of the new, two-story building is estimated to begin in the first quarter of 2012.

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