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Elective credits will be granted to lacrosse-playing students at Samohi.
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Elective credits will be granted to lacrosse-playing students at Samohi.

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Lacrosse To Become An Elective At Santa Monica High School

Posted Apr. 4, 2014, 11:09 am

Parimal M. Rohit / Staff Writer

Los Angeles International Airport is officially known as LAX, while the word “lax” is defined by Merriam-Webster as “not careful enough” or “not strict enough.” However, in the sports world, “lax” is a colloquially abridged term referring to lacrosse.

The Santa Monica-Malibu School District (SMMUSD) Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday night to incorporate boys and girls lacrosse into the curriculum at Santa Monica High School.

Now that it's approved, elective credits will be granted to lacrosse-playing students at Samohi.

The credit would be granted to any player on the lacrosse teams for boys and girls, irrespective of level. Specifically, students in grades nine through 12 playing on any lacrosse team would earn five credits per semester or 10 credits annually.

While the credit would count toward graduation, it would not fulfill any of the course requirements for admission to a public university in California.

According to the staff report sent to the Board members, the lacrosse course would include instructional activities such as “direct instruction, small group and collaborative work, independent, demonstration and observation.”

“Students’ mastery levels will be evaluated using multiple indicators including observation, one-on-one diagnostic evaluations of physical skills, and self-assessment. Performance assessments will be graded through the use of a task specific rubric,” the staff report added.

The staff report also outlined the course objectives and goals of the lacrosse elective.

“Lacrosse athletic competition strives to demonstrate high ethical standards and sportsmanship. Students will develop competencies in and knowledge of Lacrosse training, skills, strategies and practice techniques,” the staff report stated.

Among the motor skills students must competently demonstrate for purposes of measurement include: passing to a stationary or moving target with either the dominant or off-hand; catching from a stationary or moving target with either the dominant or off-hand; scooping ground balls while stationary; shooting a ball while stationary or running; and, cradling a ball with the stick in either the dominant or off-hand.

Last year, lacrosse was not a formal CIF sport offered at Samohi. Instead, Vikings’ lacrosse was a club sport at about this time last year.

However, Samohi announced in September 2013 it would be fielding varsity-level boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams for CIF competition.

The CIF season began March 1 and runs through May 16.

In its previous two seasons as a club team, the Vikings’ boys’ lacrosse team reportedly won 27 games against six losses and earned consecutive berths in the Final Four of the State’s championship round.

Beverly Hills, Culver City, and Malibu high schools already offer boys’ lacrosse as a CIF sport at their respective schools; Malibu High School did not offer girls’ lacrosse this season.

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