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Pacific Park tops its iconic Inkie entryway structure with Southern California’s largest Santa Claus hat.
Courtesy photo
Pacific Park tops its iconic Inkie entryway structure with Southern California’s largest Santa Claus hat.

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Inkie Topped With Santa Hat On Santa Monica Pier

Posted Dec. 17, 2012, 1:38 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

A 150-pound red Santa hat with 40 feet of material, including the white trim on the brim and oversized pompom, has been placed on top of Pacific Park’s loveable mascot Inkie.

Inkie’s Santa Hat is 18 feet tall and 26 feet in circumference. The red floppy section hangs down approximately 10 feet and the pompom is three feet across.

The oversized Inkie hovers above the pier deck with numerous tentacles that provide shade for guests and cover over the oceanfront food court.

The Inkie entryway structure debuted with the opening of Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier in May 1996.

“We continue to look at intriguing new ways to celebrate the holidays at Pacific Park and by taking advantage of Inkie’s unique size and pier location this is a fun way to spread holiday cheer,” said Jeff Klocke, Vice President of Marketing and Administration at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. “From Inkie’s new Santa hat to the gigantic Christmas tree at the roller coaster, we have decorated the entire two acre park with holiday decor unique to the Santa Monica Pier while creating a distinct Southern California experience.”

Pacific Park also presents a lifelike Santa Claus on Frog Hopper, the 18-foot-tall children’s spring ride this holiday season. Santa takes center seat as Frog Hopper leaps up to seven young riders straight up and down to heights of nearly two stories providing a feeling of weightlessness and excitement.

Admission to Pacific Park is free. The price for an individual Frog Hopper ride is $3. Pacific Park’s best value is the all-day wristband, providing unlimited use of rides, at $15.95 for guests seven years and under and $22.95 for guests eight years and older.

For additional information and hours of operation, call 310.260.8744 or visit

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