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Hundreds Of Santa Monica Students Walk, Bike, Skate And Scoot To School

Posted Oct. 16, 2011, 1:58 am

Mirror Staff

Students of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District left their cars at home and walked, biked, skated, and scooted to school this past week.

Schools within the District participated in the program on various days.

On Friday, Oct. 7, John Adams Middle School, Grant Elementary School, and Will Rogers Learning Community broke new records for participating.

The program is designed to encourage physical activity through active transportation, teach transportation safety skills, and reduce air pollution.

Both Roosevelt Elementary School and Edison Language Academy rescheduled their Bike It! / Walk It! Day due to the rain last Wednesday and will be wrapping up this event on Oct. 12.

The Bike It! movement was created four years ago when the SaMoHi Solar Alliance and Bike Coalition joined forces in an effort to reduce the school’s carbon footprint and fight global warming.

What started as a single day to encourage students to walk or bike to school has turned into a District-wide effort that includes a total of fifteen schools, or about 10,000 students.

Bike It! Day will ease construction related traffic during upcoming projects at Santa Monica High School, Lincoln Middle School, and John Adams Middle School.

The Bike It! Day has quickly grown from an idea into a sustainable reality that will continue to bring our schools, parents, students, administration, and local businesses together in an effort to combat global warming, one bike at a time.

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