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Alert Police Blotter: Is Your Father At Home?

Homeless Man Arrested After Santa Monica Hot Prowl Burglary

Posted Aug. 19, 2013, 9:01 am

Tim Broughton / Mirror Contributor

Santa Monica police arrested a 48-year-old homeless man on Wednesday, Aug. 7 for entering a home in the 100 block of Adelaide Drive and stealing a set of car keys and a pair of women’s sunglasses.

At 11:35 pm officers of the Santa Monica Police Department received a report that there was a hot prowl (a hot prowl burglary is a sub-type of burglary in which the offender enters a building or residence while occupants are inside the location) incident that had just occurred on the residential street.

The officers were informed that a man had entered the house and asked the reporting party if his parents were at home.

The man then exited the residence shortly afterwards.

The officers went to the location and located the suspect in the 300 block of Adelaide Drive.

The suspect had been described as a man without hair and wearing a red button up shirt.

The officers detained this man and searched him.

They discovered, upon his person, a pair of women’s brown sunglasses, and a set of car keys that were designed to fit a Honda.

The victim positively identified this man as being the person who had entered the home and confirmed that the Honda keys belonged to his dad.

In light of the evidence the officers arrested this homeless man and he was charged with burglary.

Bail was set at $50,000.

Editor’s Note: These reports are part of a regular police coverage series entitled “Alert Police Blotter” (APB), which injects some minor editorial into certain police activities in Santa Monica. Not all of the Mirror’s coverage of incidents involving police are portrayed in this manner. More serious crimes and police-related activities are regularly reported without editorial in the pages of the Santa Monica Mirror and its website,

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Aug. 19, 2013, 4:54:04 pm

Charles said...

Oh but it is "their right" to choose to be homeless and live on the streets. Yeah...what about everyone else's right to live in a safe, clean society. Santa Monica needs to address its homeless problems real soon. It's disgusting.

Aug. 20, 2013, 6:36:01 am

aztecmummy said...

How is he being homeless relevant to the story ? It isn't just like his race wouldn't be relevant either. But although it is now politically incorrect to mention the race of a criminal homeless people are fair game for the vultures in media who aren't happy unless they're stirring up hated against a whole group of people based on the actions of one of them. The homeless are the "colored people" of the 21st Century.

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