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Chelsea Roff hasn't left the roof of Tao Healing Arts Center at 2309 on Main Street since Sunday morning.
Chelsea Roff hasn't left the roof of Tao Healing Arts Center at 2309 on Main Street since Sunday morning.

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Eating Disorder Advocate Chelsea Roff Occupies Main Street Roof In Santa Monica

Posted Sep. 17, 2013, 3:46 pm

Brenton Garen / Editor-in-Chief

Nationally-recognized author and speaker, yoga teacher, and eating disorder advocate Chelsea Roff has climbed atop the roof of Tao Healing Arts Center at 2309 Main Street in Santa Monica.

After setting down her yoga mat Sunday at 8 am, she said she refuses to get down until her Indiegogo campaign Yoga For Eating Disorders is funded -- a total of $50,000.

Her goal is to help other women find their way out of this illness -- just like her community helped her in her time of need. She has partnered with the Give Back Yoga Foundation to offer Yoga for Eating Disorders™ as a service at treatment centers and to conduct an evidence-based study on its effectiveness in improving treatment outcomes.

“I could be on the roof four days, two days, a week, two weeks!” she exclaimed. “I am staying on the roof until all of the funds for Yoga For Eating Disorders are raised – no matter how long it takes. I am staying on the roof and waiting this out, because I really believe in this project."

#OccupyYouAreBeautiful is Roff’s demonstration of solidarity with eating disorder sufferers everywhere.

She said she is taking a stand "for joy, for freedom, and for the belief that all people have the right to feel beautiful in the bodies they inhabit.”

She said the demonstration would see an array of free events being held including yoga and meditation classes, interviews, live music, and more.

She said there is an open invitation for the public to join her on the rooftop, or follow along online.

The first day of #OccupyYouAreBeautiful saw contributions from a host of well-known teachers and speakers in the world of yoga, meditation, and healthy living.

As of Tuesday 3:30 pm, Roff had raised $25,782 of her $50,000 goal.

For more information or to see the live stream, visit

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Sep. 18, 2013, 4:24:45 pm

Freedom of Speech said...

Occupy French Fries at Burger King.

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