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SOUTH on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica has become L.A.'s first 3D Sports Bar.
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SOUTH on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica has become L.A.'s first 3D Sports Bar.

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Celebs To Watch Cal Vs. USC Game In Santa Monica At South On 3D Screens

SOUTH becomes L.A.'s first 3D sports bar

Posted Oct. 13, 2011, 8:29 am

Mirror Staff

A handful of celebrities including Blake Griffin, Audrina Patridge, Kevin Love, Jeremy Renner, Kristen Cavallari, Kevin Dillon, Jesse Metcalfe, and Taylor Armstrong will invade Santa Monica sports bar SOUTH on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica this evening to watch the Cal vs. USC football game in 3D.

The invite-only event is to launch VIZIO’s 3D experience at the bar, which will now be permanently fitted with the latest technologies and products VIZIO has to offer.

Walking through the doors of SOUTH, guests will be greeted with lightweight, attractive VIZIO Theater 3D eyewear.

Unlike other 3D HDTV's that utilize Active 3D technology, VIZIO has tapped into Passive 3D which provides viewers with a bright, crystal clear, flicker-free 3D picture using battery-free, stylish eyewear.

Compared to the bulky, heavy, battery-operated glasses of Active Shutter 3D HDTVs, VIZIO's Theater 3D eyewear is significantly more affordable, do not need to be charged and can be worn comfortably at the bar, in movie theaters and at home during family 3D movie night.

"I like what VIZIO is doing here with L.A.'s first 3D sports bar," said Blake Griffin, pro-basketball player. "It's a lot easier to get to see the technology in a social atmosphere like this than to go in to the store and be overwhelmed by options. SOUTH gives people a real opportunity to check out 3D at its best."

Sharing a unique passion to bring the compelling 3D experience to the masses, the VIZIO and SOUTH partnership not only revolutionizes the way individuals watch sports, but also to allows those curious about 3D technology the ability to get a real life feel in a very hands on way.

"SOUTH has always been a great gathering place for sports fans and friends to catch up and watch their favorite games," said Adam Milstein, Owner/Operator, SOUTH. "Now that we've teamed up with VIZIO, I'm excited for SOUTH to move forward as a leader in 3D sports viewing, giving people the chance to experience 3D technology in an immersive, social setting."

Further adding to the experience and solidifying the fact that SOUTH is now truly powered by VIZIO, many of the technical elements of the bar can be controlled through specially programmed VIZIO Tablets. With a built-in, universal remote app, the VIZIO Tablets are able to control the satellite programming and channel selection for every Theater 3D HDTV in the bar.

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