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Assemblymember Betsy Butler Receives Support From Environmental Leaders

Posted Nov. 1, 2011, 2:33 am

Mirror Staff

The campaign to re-elect Assemblymember Betsy Butler to the California State Assembly has announced the support of leaders throughout the environmental community.

“Betsy is an inspiring environmental champion,” said Ed Begley Jr., an actor, environmental activist and former Chairman of the Environmental Media Association and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. “Assemblymember Butler has proven how effective she can be passing new laws to protect our environment and our health. We must re-elect her to the Assembly.”

In addition to Begley Jr., Assemblymember Butler is supported by an impressive list of people who have dedicated their personal and professional lives to advancing progress in the environmental movement. To date, Assemblymember Butler has been endorsed by:

Ed Begley Jr., Actor/Environmental Activist, Terry Tamminen, Former Secretary California EPA , Nancy Stephens, Union of Concerned Scientists*, Fran Diamond, LA Regional Water Quality Board*, Mary Nichols, Chair, CA Air Resources Board* ,David Nahai, Environmental and Community Leader, Felicia Marcus, Western Director, Natural Resources Defense Council*, Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza, Vice President, Los Angeles Board of Public Works*, Joe Lyou, Executive Director, Coalition for Clean Air, Tim Carmichael, Former President and CEO, Coalition for Clean Air*, Mary Lueveno, Global Green*, Marlene Grossman, Co-Founder, Pacoima Beautiful, among others. (*Titles for identification purposes only.)

“Betsy’s passionate advocacy on behalf of the environment spans her entire career,” said Tamminen, who previously served as Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency. “With Betsy in the Assembly, we can rest assured that a committed environmentalist is standing up to polluters on our behalf.”

The new 50th Assembly District stretches from West Hollywood to Malibu and sweeps south through the Palisades to Santa Monica.

Butler was elected to the California State Assembly in 2010.

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