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American Youth Football Award Carl Allegretti Scholarship To Santa Monica's Ty Mahar

Posted May. 23, 2012, 3:06 am

Mirror Staff

Ty Mahar, a native Santa Monican, is the proud recipient of the Carl Allegretti Scholarship awarded by the American Youth Football organization.

His title as the “Top AYF Academic Athlete” in the nation can be attributed to his year-round 4.0 GPA, strength and skill on the Santa Monica Vikings JR Midgets football team, as well as incredible efforts made to better his community and school.

This accomplishment is greater than any tackle or block, and the parents, coaches and the team are very proud.

The scholarship’s benefactor, Carl Allegretti, is an American football player as well as a successful business man.

He has contributed greatly in motivating today's youth to focus on their academics, letting them know that they can be dedicated to both a life of education and playing sports.

Being a long-time coach of youth football, he understands the value of education, and with that he has developed, The Carl Allegretti Scholarship.

This annual scholarship helps reinforce the values of the world's largest youth football organization, American Youth Football, by being awarded to the top AYF academic athlete.

“I hope that the annual scholarship helps young men continue to play the great game of football and learn life lessons in the process,” Allegretti said.

Allegretti has taken a big step to keep our youth on the right path, a path that weighs heavily on education, while taking home a victory on the field. We anticipate great things from our local winner, Ty Mahar, as he continues in his journey in both academic and athletic arenas.

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