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2nd Annual Treadmill Marathon To Take Place Sunday

Posted Nov. 16, 2013, 9:10 am

Mitch James / Mirror Contributor

Santa Monica Sports Club president Blake Dirickson will run an entire marathon on one treadmill this Sunday as part of the 2nd Annual Treadmill Marathon.

It will take place at Busby’s East at 5364 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles (two blocks west of La Brea).

Doors open at 10 am, runners start at 11 am, and the party goes until 4 pm.

Organizers of the event said participants are running for recovery, resiliency and hope for a better life for all those affected by mental illness.

In 2012, Blake ran the FIRST annual #TreadmillMarathon after entertaining the idea of staging a marathon in a bar.

“Team Marathons” will also be running during the event in teams of 2-26 on additional treadmills stationed. The treadmills have been generously donated by Global Fitness, an international leader in the used fitness equipment market.

Hosted by Starstream Entertainment and Santa Monica Sports Club with special thanks to Hollywood Gym Rentals, the event will be held in the "nightclub" section of the bar and is open to the public.

Guests will pay for food and drinks with a fully stocked bar, breakfast and lunch menu with all proceeds going to NAMI. Additionally, all NFL football games will be showing.

There is free parking in the lot directly behind Busby's.

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Nov. 17, 2013, 8:08:05 am

John Doe said...

I believe I am being affected by the mental illness of this event's coordinators! Let's get a bunch of people running on treadmills while drunk at a bar, and eating a lot of food, so that we can promote our "entertainment" company and gym. What's the overhead on these donations? NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness is largely funded by pharmaceutical companies, and has a history of promoting medications produced by companies providing funding.. Do you really think they need our help? In 2009, the percentage of funding NAMI received from pharmaceutical companies, according to a story in the New York Times by Gardiner Harris, who reported from findings from a Senate Investigation conducted by Senator Grassley of Iowa. Take a look into the organizations asking for your money. How do they spend it? NAMI is not on Forbes magazine's list of "All-Star Charities", that's for certain. Think about mental illness- are we really trying to fight mental illness by setting up treadmills in a bar? And behaving in a way that makes others question whether or not you're mentally ill, is that a good way to raise attention for the cause? I think that Blake Dirickson needs a mental health screening.

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