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WISE & HEALTHY AGING: Find The Right Mental Health Services

Posted Nov. 3, 2011, 6:27 am

Mirror Staff

Growing older brings a wealth of experiences, both positive and negative. A grandchild is born and a loved one passes away. When the challenges of growing older become overwhelming, there is a place to turn for mental and emotional issues.

WISE & Healthy Aging provides a variety of confidential mental health services for seniors, including caregiver support groups, psychotherapy, peer counseling, and information and referral. Services are provided in an individual or group setting depending on the type of care needed.

Caregiver support groups provide an emotional outlet for those who are caring for a spouse, parent, or other loved one.

Often, family members are left with feelings of uncertainty and helplessness about their role as caregivers and are overwhelmed by the competing demands of daily life, earning a living, and providing full-time care to their loved one.

The support groups are a natural extension of the Adult Day Service Center. Caregivers are afforded a much-needed break knowing their loved one is enjoying the day in a safe, caring, and stimulating environment.

The highly qualified mental health staff, psychiatrists, and clinical interns at WISE & Healthy Aging provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families and in group therapy sessions.

After an initial assessment a care plan is developed and progress is tracked with each client. In addition, psychiatry consultations and medication management services are provided. Crisis intervention is also available.

Newer services, such as psychotherapy for elder abuse survivors, provide a safe place for healing. Through therapy, clients learn to minimize the trauma, experience symptom reduction, and develop tools to prevent future victimization.

Peer Counseling is a renowned program that utilizes intensively trained volunteer seniors to counsel individuals, couples or families. Each counselor receives ongoing supervision in counseling.

WISE & Healthy Aging serves as a community resource for general information about aging. WISE & Healthy Aging has links to many resources available to assist older people. For information and referral, please call 310.394.9871 ext. 217.

For more information about mental health services at WISE & Healthy Aging, please call 310.394.9871 ext. 211.

WISE & Healthy Aging, a non-profit social services organization, enhances the independence, dignity and quality of life of older adults through leadership, advocacy, and innovative services. It has been touching the lives of over 30,000 seniors annually for more than 40 years. For more information, visit

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