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The Recipe That Makes A Relationship Go Wrong: How To Make It Right Part Two

The underlying reason that causes a couple to have conflict or even split between them is when the energy of one of the partners changes and creates a gap between them and their partner.
The underlying reason that causes a couple to have conflict or even split between them is when the energy of one of the partners changes and creates a gap between them and their partner.

Posted Apr. 6, 2013, 9:11 am

Special To The Mirror

By Bayrakdar

Compassion is required. When you recognize that your loved one is struggling to keep up with you because you possess the higher energy or speed.

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Remember that your loved one with the lower energy always becomes weaker in that area they lack energy in, so it is important to not fall into a pattern called the bully. Don’t kick them when they are down. Of course, it is obvious that no one in their mind would want the person they love miserable on purpose. But what happens is when both people are triggering each other left and right because the one with the higher energy does not want to slow down enough to accommodate their partner with the lower energy and the partner with the lower energy cannot keep up with the higher energy partner and there where the problem is.

Energy in a relationship can change based on someone’s behavior.

For instance, if one partner starts to do Cardio exercises that cause their energy to go up and the other partner simply does not exercise which keeps their energy the same, this can create a gap. In this case problems start to occur if the partner with the higher energy does not recognize that they are the ones who raised their energy and departing away with their energy forward and leaving their loved one behind. Even though raising your energy is healthy, but this can make the gap bigger and bigger over time if your partner chooses not to raise their energy with you and exercise

Therefore, the person who is raising their energy and create the gap must be the one who has the most compassion.

Remember, not everyone is equipped to exercise to raise their energy, no matter how much benefit you tell them exercise is good for them. You have to approach them differently because they are not wired to exercise no matter how much fear you put into this, Why? Believe it or not, having to exercise to them is scarier than not exercising. Until that pattern changes in their mind, nothing will work to convince them otherwise. That change must be coming from them and they are convinced of it otherwise, they will start to exercise to please you but then they cannot keep it up and quit.

The change has to be coming from them and while they are working on themselves no matter how long it takes them to change, all you can do is love them, care for them and have compassion and patience for them, because after all, nobody loves their lives more than they do, you need to allow them to live their life the way they want to live it and not the way you want them to live it.

Just because you become stronger, richer, more famous because raising your energy starts to make you feel better, more productive and open more opportunity for you, that does not mean that you should throw the person you loved away because if you do that, you may end up with someone who has more energy than you who would treat you the same way with no compassion like you treated your previous loved one with no compassion

Just remember, compassion gives birth to patience. This is what this world needs.

On the other hand the partner with the lower energy must understand to not restrict or limit their partner with the higher energy. The partner with the lower energy must feel secure enough in their partner's love even if their partner is operating at a higher energy or speed.

This realization and understanding of each other capabilities may eventually help the partner with the lower energy do things to increase their energy to shorten the gap between the two of them.

Realize this, you don’t have to be always with someone who is compatible to you to be happy, you can be happy with someone who is complimentary to you as well.

So if your partner was compatible to you at some point in the relationship and they are no longer compatible to you don’t rush and start thinking of divorce. It is perfectly okay if you both become complimentary, in other words, one is weaker than the other. In other words, you have what your partner lack or need or they have what you lack or need.

When you see that your partner is a head of you in one area, allow them to go ahead and advance and don't get angry and insecure, the same thing for your partner, when you are more advanced in on area, your partner must trust you enough to let you keep on going ahead because in the long run both of you will reap the benefit of the progress.

But, the person who is going ahead must keep the partner with the lower energy of everything that is happening and not leave them in the dark so they don't feel left out and scared of not being loved.

People energy changes every second so just because your energy changed for the better or the worst, do you want your partner to leave or divorce you, nobody likes that so you should not be doing the same to your partner.

But when people don’t understand the change in their energy and the distance between them, they start blaming it on conscious things like money, kids, etc.

In conclusion, recognizing that two people become different because their energy changed is in itself a success in your relationship because now you know what you are facing, it is not mainly the money, the kids, the car etc. it is the distance in your energy because let’s face it there are people out there who went through worse circumstances and still love each other why? Because they were able to unconsciously have compassion for each other in the areas that they are distant from each other because their energy became different.

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