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Too Many Huge Developments In Santa Monica: Letter To The Editor

Posted May. 26, 2012, 11:00 pm

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I am a loyal reader of The Mirror and have been for many years. There is no better way to keep up to date on what is happening in Santa Monica.

However, I am getting angrier and angrier at the issue of development in our city. Not a week goes by when The Mirror's cover story is about YET ANOTHER huge development.

As a long time resident I have seen this city go from a sleepy little town to an exciting place to live to a tourist trap to an over-developed, over trafficked, apartment-heavy metropolis.

Pretty soon there will be no place for residents to go to accomplish mundane, every day chores.

Is there only ONE POINT of view in this city? Does no one really care what is happening? Perhaps our residents will rise up and vote new people into the city council.

Maybe that will help stop this rampant development.

Carl Siegle

Santa Monica

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May. 26, 2012, 12:00:52 pm

Carole Meltzner said...

YES! YES! YES! I totally agree! The City Council (and Planning Department) have lost sight of the quality of life! I thought Santa Monica's City Council was elected to serve the citizens. Was I wrong??

May. 26, 2012, 12:57:57 pm

Mary cornejo said...

I agree! It seems the rich city of Santa Monica want's to get richer. No matter what the cost or who lives in Santa Monica. What was once a beautiful city to raise one's family is getting costly to do so. Too many developments will soon block the view of the ocean and we will soon be living in a concrete city.

May. 26, 2012, 6:35:21 pm

Bob Abernethy said...

Poor Mr. Siegle. How deluded you must be. You have the temerity to ask if there is but ONE POINT of view in Santa Monica? Of course you know that the answer is, "YES!" Our City Government has never met a development agreement that it could not support and then ignore when its 'give the store away' terms become too onerous for the developers. All they have to do is to send a lucrative consulting gig to one of the oligarchs at SMRR and pay lip=service to the concept of "affordable housing set-asides" that somehow never seem to go to long-term SA<MO residents and the confused sheep who are the voters in this people's Republic will grab their ankles and bleat "Thank you, sir. May I have another?" As a long-term observer of our local scene you should already know this.

May. 27, 2012, 12:28:57 am

Rosalie Juarez Bravo said...

Thank you for making your statement...Born and raise in S.M., the city counsel want our city to be a little New York! Yes it is very sad to see what is going on to our TOWN! We need our people to get involved.

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