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High Public Servants Collect Huge Pensions: Letter To The Editor

Posted Oct. 23, 2011, 1:58 am

Mirror Staff

Dear Editor,

Lately, it seems that more and more, when I read, click on, or watch the news, there is something about some high public servant collecting another huge pension, or two or three.

Recently it’s SMPD Chief Jackman, after five years on the job, and only 52, after first retiring as LBPD Deputy Chief. Good for him he was a U.S. Marine, so he also gets the V.A. My pal Rik was in the USAF Special Forces, did two tours in 'Nam and finally is getting treated for Agent Orange. Too late, though, he has Leukemia.

The guy who hired Jackman, Lamont Ewell, retired as San Diego City Manager, then retired as Santa Monica City Manager, and is now starting as Compton City Manager. How many pensions does that make? There are rules that will prevent him from getting a pension from Compton, however.

When I was 17 I volunteered for the draft; if I had re-upped four more times, I could have collected my first retirement at age 37. If I had remained a Parole Agent (or taken disability) I would be collecting a peace officers pension, and working on my third career with American Trans Air. ATA was raided by SWA so all I had after that bankruptcy was a 401K that tanked in 2008, along with my STRS, mortgage, and other investments. I found out that the guy who sold me my annuities was scamming me, too.

I’m 66 now and have to keep working until I’m in my 70s. Even then, living on Social Security is not certain. I should have stayed working for the Government.

Jon Mann

Santa Monica

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