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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Oct. 27, 2011, 5:34 am

Raven Nightwood / Mirror Astrolger


You are busy with work and family but sometimes you feel like you are not getting the chance to express yourself in a creative way. Get involved with a class or recreational activity that will allow your inner artist to come out.


Someone may let you down this week or at least it will seem that way to you. Think about the situation and realize that your disappointment may be due to unreal expectations. It may feel hard but you have to let go and move on.


You may feel an irresistible urge to spend money but you know you have to stay within your budget. If you just can’t stop the impulse to shop, you can keep the spending under control by choosing your venues and looking for bargains.


It’s a time of heightened awareness for you. Other people’s problems will be on your mind. You might be the one to help them but then again, don’t overburden yourself with the urge to be the savior for everyone.


Leos are going to have fun this week. It’s a good time to go to concerts or the theatre or throw a party and see old friends. A new friend in your life will also bring smiles.


Nothing seems resolved. Everything is on hold. This may make you want to wring your hands in frustration but try to be patient. All the loose ends will tie up and you will be able to relax.


You are going on a long journey-no, seriously, you are going to have a vision about your future that will probably involve traveling or a permanent change of scene. You may not act on this vision immediately but it will influence your life for the next few months.


One small problem may seem like a stone blocking the road for you. It may be a work-related issue. Don’t make the stone into a boulder by stressing over it. Find a way to remove it and move forward.


Hello-anybody out there? You will seem to be walking in a dream and people will be calling you back to the real world. You might be tired out from your responsibilities but this is not a good time to sleep on the job.


This is a time to reconnect with people you may not have been in touch with for a while. Realize that there have been changes for them and for you. It may take a while to catch up but you will.


Someone close to you needs extra attention right now. Give that person-a family member or lover-the attention they deserve, and more. The love will come back to you when it’s your turn.


You may be worried about the situations of your friends or business colleagues and simultaneously feel guilty about your good fortune. Try to spread good vibes for good luck among those close to you.

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