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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Oct. 13, 2011, 5:21 am

Raven Nightwood / Mirror Astrolger


Change is in the air but don’t move against it. Try to respond gracefully to the earth shifting beneath your feet. It will be taking you to what will turn out to be a better situation.


Your plans for a good time with your partner may be stymied by work demands and financial problems. You will just have to be patient until the problems clear up. Of course you can speed up the process by organizing your time prudently.


If people around you are losing their cool, keep your distance from their issues. You might want to plunge in and help them but it is better for you right now to avoid other people’s baggage and concentrate on caring for yourself.


A situation may look downright dangerous to you this week. It could be just a frayed electric wire that needs to be fixed. Maybe it’s a relationship that is also frayed and needs to be talked about.


You might want to take the lead on a project but this is a time to listen to others. While you might squirm a bit at having to take the back seat, it’s not a permanent thing. Soon it will be your turn to assert your ideas and take action.


Take a chance and do something you never did before. Whether it’s enrolling in a night class or walking up to a stranger and breaking the ice, the risk might just pay off. It will feel good to push your limits.


You’ve been through some hard times lately but don’t let the bad luck put you off. Things will turn around although not as quickly as you would hope for. Count your blessings and radiate a positive vibe toward others.


Everything seems to be crashing down on your shoulders—too many work, tech, and personal problems. Not to worry-you’re not alone. Talking with others may help to relieve everyone’s stress and lead to solutions.


For you Sags, things should go smoothly this week. You might be pinching yourself because you can’t believe your good luck. Yes, it goes up and down but while you are up, enjoy it and take advantage of opportunities.


While you try to make your points clear, others may be misinterpreting them. It’s all a question of language. But you don’t need a translator. You just need to phrase your views carefully and listen to others.


Give thanks that you have your friends. In a difficult time—and you may be having one—friends are the best of resources. Don’t stress over the idea that you owe them favors—for the moment, let them know that you appreciate their efforts.


Sometimes, life seems to be straining to teach you something. You may resist fate as the Big Professor, but you will absorb the lessons anyway. Someday you will thank providence for the free education.

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