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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Sep. 15, 2011, 4:48 am

Raven Nightwood / Mirror Astrolger


You will encounter an old friend you have not seen in some time. You might sense that there is something that this person is not telling you. But don’t bring it up at this time. Instead, the two of you should catch up and stay light.


You’re bored with the whole thing-your job, your residence, even your relationship. Have these things really run their course or is it just something in your head? Wait a few days before you decide to redo your life.


You will soon receive an email or phone call from someone you have been out of touch with and whom you would like to see again (possible romance?) But some additional communication between the two of you would be good before you make plans to meet.


Your partner and you might be going through a rough patch. The issue might be something that one of you said in reference to a past experience. Misunderstandings result in arguments, so a heart-to-heart talk could be pivotal in saving the good thing you have.


You are about to meet someone who will knock you off your feet! It will seem to be love at first sight; however love at first serious conversation is better. Go out for a coffee (or tea) date with this person and get to know her/him before you go any further.


You are tempted to celebrate this weekend; however beware of the after-effects. Work follows the weekend and you need to be alert. Do your partying with discretion and you will be ready for responsibilities.


Communication breakdowns! You will be having them-it will be difficult to reach people you need to talk with about work and money. If technology fails you, the old-fashioned ways like postal mail and talking to someone in person might just work.


The more you are bothered by personal problems, the more you might be trying to escape via hard work and hiding away from those who care about you. Come out of your shell and admit that you need a shoulder to lean on.


Just when you thought you were over the hump about a career problem, there will be a significant setback. But this may give you some time to rethink your goals and come back with a new concept for your project that might prove viable.


Concerns about money continue to haunt you but you may be projecting negativity that is unwarranted. In reality someone is about to offer you an opportunity to make much more money than you have ever earned. Stand by for the upturn-it is coming.


While you don’t want to be alone and it would seem that opportunities to meet someone abound, this is not the week for it. You can think about what kind of person you want while you are waiting for someone to walk into your life.


Don’t get upset by something that a close friend said to you. That person may have issues that he or she needs to resolve. Think of a way to smooth it over without actually discussing the remark.

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