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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Aug. 18, 2011, 7:23 am

Mirror Staff




All you need this week is the right companion. Maybe you already have one; if you don’t, however, the time is right for meeting someone. You are on the verge of a very exciting time with whoever the lucky guy or gal might be.


Talks with friends could lead to a new direction for you. Although you can make up your own mind, someone else’s objective viewpoint can help you to understand what you are aiming for.


People from your past will keep popping up in your present life. You might enjoy reencountering some of them while others may be somewhat annoying to talk to. Fortunately all the encounters will be brief and you can choose to see the ones you want to see.


Your emotions are heightened now. You will be feeling what others feel and your own feelings will seem stronger than usual. Concentrate on using the increased emotional awareness in a logical way.


You will have a dream that will seem to portend your future. Write the dream down and study the images. You won’t need to consult a dream interpreter. This dream should have a clear meaning that you can act upon soon.


Your partner may be in touch with your emotions to a certain extent but nobody is psychic enough to know everything. Don’t assume that she/he is aware of a problem that you are working on. It’s best to talk with your partner about what is troubling you.


There is a vibe in the air that generates energy and it will be affecting you. Issues and projects that seemed to stump you last week will be easy for you now. Make sure to take every advantage of this time so you can move forward with your financial goals.


Life is moving along smoothly for you yet you feel lately as if something were missing. Maybe that missing element is creativity. You may need to take a class or get involved in some creative project. Even making a homemade birthday card for a friend might be fun.


You are in much the same situation as Aries this week. If you are in a relationship, it will be getting more intense, possibly leading to commitment. If not, you are about to meet someone who will be more than a casual date. Good luck!


You may be invited to an event that will be good for you in more than one way. Could that stranger across the room be an entrepreneur who will be interested in your ideas or could they be a future love interest? It will be some enchanted evening when you find out!


You are about to become aware of an ability that you never thought you had. It is not too late for “old dogs” to learn new tricks. Sharpen that skill that was always there and you will be able to take on new responsibilities and go places.


Although it isn’t spring, you will be feeling like doing some makeovers on your life. Possibly this will involve some improvement to your physical appearance. It might also involve redecorating your home. The “freshening up” will pay off big for you.

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