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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
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Star Gazing

Posted Jul. 18, 2011, 7:59 am

Mirror Staff



Great times are in store for you and your partner. You two may be taking a trip or indulging in a luxurious experience. Check out the wines and champagnes at your local beverage source.


Relationships could feel bumpy this week. You may want to get crazy about someone in a good way but the results could be misinterpreted. It’s best to take it slow with a new acquaintance and allow this person to know you at your best.


Curtain up! You will be on stage this week-possibly literally, in a summer theatrical or maybe they finally called you to appear on a TV singing or dance contest? Don’t get stage fright-enjoy your time in the spotlight.


While you might feel like hibernating this week, it’s not really the time to do so. Important contacts will be coming your way. Although you might not feel sociable you must rise to the occasion because the results could be lucrative.


Let the good times roll-and rock. You are feeling like a rock star this week. Channel your inner Beatle or Rolling Stone (your choice) and find yourself a guru, buy some nice new duds, and be good to your true supporters-your friends.


Does it seem like the same thing keeps happening; that other people get the attention and the advances and you get overlooked? Change the pattern-it is possible. You should look over your life and friends and see what’s positive.


Friends and family members may seem like they’re trying to pick fights with you. Don’t let them get to you. Take a neutral stance if possible. One way or the other, everything will blow over.


This is a good week to make career advances. Something big could be brewing with the higher-ups and you should find out all the information you can and use it to promote yourself. But be careful not to oversell yourself.


This looks like a week in which things will go so smoothly for you in regard to work, friends, and love, and you might be pinching yourself in disbelief. Don’t go looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth-it might nip at you.


Let summer madness overtake your practical Cap nature. Be less cautious; dare to venture where you have not gone before. Excitement and changes for the better await you.


Change is in the air. This might worry you if you interpret it as a negative. Change often seems worrisome but such changes, in time, can turn out to be for the best. Let yourself go and trust the changes.


Take initiative this week. You might have to push yourself a bit to do this. It’s not so hard, though. A close friend might be a good start-talk to this friend about a business idea and see what happens.

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