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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Jul. 11, 2011, 3:39 am

Mirror Staff



Someone close to you may be feeling down or a bit edgy. You must be careful to not step on this person’s sensitive spots. It will help for you to back off for a while and then be there when your loved one needs the support.


Your body wants to play, your mind wants to rest, and neither part of you wants to work. However, a combination of these things is what life is about. You must bring all the parts together, do what you need to do, and then have the fun and the relaxation.


Twins should be able to handle what one person can’t but you are one person with too much to do. But you know you can do several things at once, so do not fear the multitude of tasks. You will be surprised at how much you can get done.


Do you feel a bit like your sign’s animal, the crab? Are you picking little spats, not feeling up to par, wanting to hide under a rock? Take heart; do something that will lift your spirits, even if it’s just treating yourself to an ice cream cone.


Like Cancer, you also feel like your astral animal this week. You want the lion’s share of everything and you find yourself pacing back and forth, eager for what you believe you deserve. Make sure that you are more than just your roar.


All is tenderness. You feel for the unfortunate and you want to help animals and the poor. While your charitable aims are commendable, don’t forget to take care of your partner, your family, and yourself.


Tension may overtake you early this week as you feel like you are not getting enough attention at work or from your friends. Be careful to not let the bad energy take over. Seek out positive feedback from those closest to you.


There are strong energies that will help you with work this week. Even if you have too much to do, the good astral vibes will make it seem easy for you. This will be noticed by higher-ups and can lead to something you have been hoping for.


Not much will be happening for a while so this would be a good time for you to take a vacation. If there’s not enough time to plan a big trip, look for a quick weekend getaway. Stay away from any place where you might lose money (like casinos).


You are concerned this week about your progress with money, love, your career, and friendships. Every aspect of your life seems to be at a critical juncture. But not everything is what it seems to be. Lighten up-solutions are on the way.


It’s time for you to break out of routine and do something you never did before or thought you would do. Join a club or a charity organization; register voters, or learn to do repairs around your house.


If nothing romantic has happened to you for a while you may be feeling disappointed. But cheer up; a summer romance (if you’re single) or a renewal of affection with your partner, is right around the corner.

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