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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted May. 12, 2011, 8:00 am

Mirror Staff




You might feel that others around you are more psychic or empathic than you are. Everyone else knows things that you don’t. It might be best to be receptive and take in what others have to teach you.


Your partner is about to introduce you to some new friends. These friends, in turn, will introduce you to cultural interests that you have not hitherto been into. You might enjoy hearing old record albums or learning a new sport.


Although your purse looks almost empty, it is not too late or too impossible for you to plan a getaway. Look into budget accommodations and find an oasis for yourself and a good friend or for your family so you can escape to an affordable paradise.


Like Gemini, you’re ready for shore leave but for you there is still some work to do. Of course, you could plan a working vacation. If that’s not your pleasure, then do the work first and seek relaxation afterwards and enjoy it to the fullest.


Your partner seems more attractive to you than ever. If you do not have a partner, there is someone you know who is looking more and more like they’re for you. Move toward making that person the most attractive permanent fixture in your life.


This week, you will be having some issues with work. Mainly, you won’t feel like working. You may try to play hooky but if you do there will be unfortunate consequences. Before your personal truant officer has to step in, apply some discipline.


A creative idea seizes you and won’t let go. You have other things to do but the urge to be an artist is strong. While this may not mean that you are going to become Picasso or Kerouac, it might manifest itself in your purchasing some art supplies or screenwriting software. Good luck.


Are you obsessed with something or someone? Everyone has some passion that they can’t lose. If it’s a hobby, fine; if it’s a person, be careful that your interest goes somewhere positive.


A phone call that is a wrong number may throw you off and make you think that The Twilight Zone is happening. Don’t freak out. Look for rational explanations and don’t be scared. Summon your personal Ghostbuster if you have to.


You have been waiting for a while for a financial boost. If you are owed money, it will come to you this week. You may also be the beneficiary of an opportunity to make even more moola. As they say, you are in the chips. Enjoy!


You’ve been expending too much physical energy. You could use a rest or a more disciplined and less rigorous exercise program. Better to do some stretching than to run around in circles that go nowhere.


You’re a highway star, on the road or at least, getting around town. Wherever you go, take your best attitude and your knowledge with you. You will be a star in other ways.

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