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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Mar. 31, 2011, 3:18 am

Mirror Staff




The transition from March to April may have left you breathless. The false starts of spring are being reflected in your up and down experiences. Ride the wild surf of life and hang on-you won’t wipe out if you keep your cool.


You are being asked to do too much by too many. There is only so much one person can do. Don’t be afraid to say no if you have to. Also, don’t volunteer your energies unless you know you will be able to deliver.


You and your partner are headed for a bumpy ride for the next few days. This may not be a serious development, however. Disagreements happen; the two of you need to realize your differences so that you can have a more realistic relationship.


Distractions! You need a quieter work environment. You have some important business to take care of (taxes?) and nobody seems to understand your need to concentrate. Make sure you get the space you need.


This is a prime time for you to act upon your creativity. It might be a vision of a building or an idea for a screenplay. Take the first steps toward realizing your creative dream by enrolling in a class or talking with a career counselor.


Are you ignoring the most important person in your life? Take a look at your schedule and adjust it because your significant other deserves more of your time and thoughts. There is a time and place for every purpose in your personal heaven.


It will be a week of fuzzy thinking and confusion. But keep your head up though it might be difficult. Walk on with hope in your heart as the song says. At the end of this confusing week, everything will come out clear.


A surprise will be coming for you, maybe by special delivery. Yes, it is something material, something you’ve wanted for a long time. And you won’t believe who sent it to you! You will be one happy camper.


You and your loved one are emerging from the state that Geminis are going through right now. But for you and yours, it will be kiss-and-make-up time. That’s the nice part of disagreeing-you get to have a new beginning afterwards.


Feel free. Throw your cares to the spring breeze and dare to take a few risks. Caps are usually cautious but this is not the time for you to hide in the shadows. Do the things you usually don’t do and see if your ventures pay off.


Did you say something mean to your partner or to a close friend? Instead of worrying about it, try to find out how the other person feels. Don’t let a stray inappropriate remark ruin something special. Engage your eloquence in a positive way.


Everything will seem to be going your way except when it comes to machinery. Your computer may be taking a dive; your car may conk out. Provide for emergencies; look for backups and alternatives and get help from professionals and friends.

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