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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
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Star Gazing

Posted Mar. 24, 2011, 1:51 am

Mirror Staff




If you are either in a relationship on the downside, or if you are single and can’t believe you will meet the right person, this week will bring solutions. Someone special will be attuned to your hopes and dreams.


International affairs loom largely in your consciousness. You may find it important to become involved in lending aid to other countries. This will help you to get out of your own head and take your person-to-person skills more seriously.


Spring cleaning occupies your mind and your time. You have decided to get rid of clutter on your desk and in your life. But just as you must be careful when deleting email files, you must also watch out not to delete the things that you need to get by.


You will have an urge to go to the library or buy something at a bookstore. You are hungry for new knowledge. Much as you enjoy the Internet, there is something special about settling down on the sofa with a good book, maybe a whodunit.


It’s party time! Yes, with spring and holidays, you feel like you need a Spring Break and you are ready to throw yourself a bash, even if you can’t afford Cancun. Invite some friends over and relax. You’ve earned the right to have the fun.


You and your partner find yourself having intense discussions, on every subject except your relationship. However, the many subjects that your conversations touch upon will help you in your understanding of each other.


You are in the early stages of knowing somebody who could become your significant other. This is the true “honeymoon” phase so enjoy it and don’t push it to become more serious overnight.


Friends will be introducing you to other friends and there will be many questions for you to answer. You may feel like you are applying for a job or being surveyed but relax-the new people are just trying to know who you are.


Everything looks to you like a portent of something uncomfortable or even ominous. Try to remove that dark cloud over your head. April is coming and that brings showers but you can chant “no rain” to yourself and keep the gloom away from your destiny.


You need a lucky break. Things seem bumpy right now but the turnaround will be coming very soon. Keep hanging in there and picture yourself on a high wire, not looking down but walking the line with expertise and grace.


Someone who is only an acquaintance will have a talk with you and the result will be new career possibilities. Even if you are skeptical about this person, take a chance. You can only open a new door by trying every key on your chain.


Just in time for tax season, you are finding new ways to make money. This is an up time for you to make the do-re-mi while you have a hot idea for doing so. This will require that your nose be to the grindstone for a while. Spring break will happen later; now’s the time to make your money magic work.

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