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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
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Star Gazing

Posted Mar. 17, 2011, 7:41 am

Mirror Staff

Raven Nightwood

Mirror Astrologer


If you can be open to the feelings of others, this is a week in which to enjoy the company of your favorite people and the rewards of your favorite activities. Be especially attuned to the interests of your partner.


Maybe you have been taking a lot from others and not giving them enough. Maybe you are feeling some sense of guilt-make that responsibility. See what you can do to give back. Don’t worry about how and what you do-whatever you do from the heart is what counts.


Let it be! Don’t try to be someone you are not. Don’t try to impress people with superficial mannerisms or feigned credentials. Be true to yourself and just go with whatever happens and you will get sincere results.


Your most personal relationship may be threatened by actions that contradict your stated beliefs. You should be very careful, therefore, about your behavior this week. Also, it might be good to talk with your loved one before doing anything that might be misinterpreted.


If things get rocky, don’t worry. It always helps to be prepared. You can literally check your store of supplies and figuratively steel yourself for bumps in your immediate future.


Had a nice vacation in Cloud Cuckoo Land? It’s time for you to realize that some heavy decisions are before you and you will have to be practical. Nevertheless, some ideas that floated before you in the clouds could also work down here on earth.


Is honesty an issue right now for you and your partner? You think you’re the honest one but everybody lies. If you think you’re being lied to, have a good heart-to-heart talk with him or her and sort out the truth from the fears.


It’s your lucky week. Whatever you want, you will seem to get easily this week. Maybe you have the Leprechauns smiling upon you. But don’t let those little men in green trick you out of your luck.


No matter how much you try to explain things, even about yourself, and even to your partner and friends, nobody seems to really understand you. But it’s not your fault. Relax and laugh about it for the time being. In time, all will be clear.


Too much stress has been your story lately. It’s time to write a new story. Take off some of the mental burden by doing things that make you laugh. Give yourself the space to work things out without wearing yourself out.


You’re tired of having to explain all your actions to your family, lover, mate, friends, or co-workers. But they are entitled to know what you’re doing. Just be open with as many people as you can. Try to be more trusting.


St. Paddy’s day falls during the time of your sign. This year, possibly it came for you with a windfall of good luck. The feeling of fortune will continue into this next week. It’s your time. Wear the green (for spring) and the grin (for happiness).

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