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Star Gazing

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Mar. 10, 2011, 6:32 am

Mirror Staff




Friendship is your main interest this week. You will meet new people with whom you will bond quickly. Older friends may press you for solutions to problems. You may feel torn between the old and the new friends-try to make time for both.


Tend to your own house-literally. It’s time for spring cleaning and for redecorating. It’s also a good time to appreciate all those who contribute to your happy home, like pets, friends, and family.


Someone you know has just had a spot of really good luck. You might feel envious but you will do better to allow your friend’s fortune to inspire you. Someone once said luck is the residue of design, so get to work designing your good fortune.


Money is your main concern this week. Whatever you decide to do, either investing or spending, will have good results. But don’t overspend or speculate on the wrong product. Do research and be careful.


There’s no time like the present to explore the past. You will be drawn to history, especially your own. Sometimes looking backward can cause regret. Be careful not to wallow in your past glories or presumed failures.


You and your partner will feel like you have melded your minds. You are finishing each other’s sentences and that may not be a good thing for either one of you. While the rapport might have its advantages, both of you need to feel that you are individuals.


This week will bring you many social activities and some events will be beneficial for you in making contact with people who can help you with your career. At the same time, some activities will be just plain fun!


Someone special in your life will help you to heal (possibly literally if you recently hurt yourself while skiing or running). Mostly this person will be someone you find you can open up to. Your talks will be very constructive and even spiritual.


A new contact could be a new love interest for you. Even if it does not work out this way, this new person could lead you to new insights or to an opportunity you have been waiting for. Whatever the outcome, try to stay in touch with this person.


Family news could have you preoccupied this week. It’s not anything bad but it is not what you expected. Take stock of the total picture and don’t force an argument. All the loose ends will be tied up eventually.


Aquarians are in the right place right now for all the attention. You can do no wrong. Everyone will be asking you for advice; your ideas will be accepted; you will receive invitations to all the exciting parties. Enjoy the spotlight!


Some money will fall into your lap. It might just be a refund check from taxes or from a utility company but it will help you pay for goodies that you have had to put off buying. Spring fashions are in the shops now-allow yourself a little splurge!

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