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Star Gazin

Star Gazing
(Santa Monica Mirror Graphic)
Star Gazing

Posted Sep. 1, 2011, 5:02 am

Raven Nightwood / Mirror Astrolger


You might be facing a holiday weekend that will seem lonelier than usual. Possibly you are separated from those you love. But cheer up, someone close to you is in transit and will be with you before the weekend is over.


With Labor Day coming up, you are mostly laboring to say something to someone who needs to hear your viewpoint. You could take the extra time over the long weekend to formulate your words and come up with an effective pitch.


Your plans for a holiday weekend might be stymied by money worries. You might not have a crisis, however. Look over your finances and budget carefully and you should be able to do what you planned.


Someone close to you might not be talking much and you might mistakenly conclude that this is your fault. It is probably your friend’s issue and has nothing to do with your behavior. Just continue to be friendly and wait for the explanation.


For some reason, when everyone else is planning to have fun this weekend, you are dwelling on problems, yours and those of others. Try to shake off the gloom. It’s still summer and the best good times may be yet to come.


Virgos may be a bit too concerned with money matters and work problems this week. While the holiday weekend is still with us, try to relax and enjoy yourself. The work week will be here before you know it and you can tackle your issues then.


It will be a good week for work and monetary issues but your personal life might give you a pain–just a minor pain. Mostly you feel like your love partner is not paying you enough attention. The two of you need to talk.


Scorpios may be feeling out of sorts due to too much stress. It will be a perfect time this weekend to relax and sort out the things that might be troubling you. Determine to get your health back on track.


The weekend is building up to something very romantic for you Sags. Don’t get carried away with your expectations, though. The person you are enthusiastic about might have other plans. Check with that person before you make a reservation at that exotic night spot.


Labor Day weekend evokes images of workers and travelers. You have been working hard and you long to travel. If you can’t get to a faraway place this weekend, at least go out and find a barbeque, a concert, or a movie and enjoy your leisure time.


This will be your best holiday end-of-summer weekend in a long time! You will receive some very good news that you have been waiting for. Try not to let it get you too excited to take care of practical matters.


You can look forward to a financial boost this weekend but you may have scruples about spending your money. For now, budget yourself accordingly and give yourself the right to have some fun. You have earned it.

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