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Alberto Vargas, Untitled (Lady in Black Dress), ca. 1928 is an oil on panel, signed on recto. Framed: 35.75 x 47.25 inches.
Images Courtesy of Santa Monica Auctions
Alberto Vargas, Untitled (Lady in Black Dress), ca. 1928 is an oil on panel, signed on recto. Framed: 35.75 x 47.25 inches.

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Give The Gift Of Art At Santa Monica Auction Today

Andy Warhol
Image courtesy of Santa Monica Auctions
Andy Warhol

Posted Dec. 11, 2011, 12:59 am

Kathy Leonardo / Mirror Contributor

Just in time for the holidays, Santa Monica Auctions presents The Popular Art Auction today, Dec. 11 at Bergamot Station starting at 1 p.m.

Like so many businesses offering incredible sales for the holidays, this weekend the art world gets into the action too.

Santa Monica Auctions has been holding exclusive art auctions since 1984.

Fine art is normally the main stay of these well-known and established events. However, this Sunday’s event happens only once every 10 years.

This year, The Popular Art Auction will be more of a liquidation sale of illustration, commercial art, original French lithograph posters, fine art prints and posters, pinup and sports art offered in both single and bulk lots.

The work of renowned artists such as Richard Duardo, Jim Evans, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and more will be featured. Collectors and amateurs alike will sit, side by side vying for the best price on an original Alberto Vargos.

Whether attendees are new to understanding the value of art or consider themselves a connoisseur, most collectors know art is like a fine wine, improving with age.

As with most of the Santa Monica Auctions, these events tend to stir up quite a scene at Bergamot Station. It’s an interesting snapshot into the business side of the art world.

This is also a learning experience for the general public to not only witness, but to take the leap and be a first time buyer.

This Sunday’s auction is also a chance for some exclusive gift giving ideas for special loved ones, while partaking in a seasonal celebration, complete with refreshments and spirits.

Inspired by the highly successful exhibition, “Paid to Play,” (currently at Bergamot Station, Gallery space C-2), this auction will feature many types of art for a fraction of their normal cost.

There will be a preview reception held on Saturday, Dec 10, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Previews are also open at Bergamot Station Arts Center in gallery space D5.

The continually updated catalogue along with registration and phone bidding forms are available at

Bergamot Station Arts Center (Building 1) is located at 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica.

For more information, contact Santa Monica Auctions at or 310.315.1937.

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